About Anna Krueger

Anna Krueger

The clinical director of Neuroplan is Anna Krueger, a certified speech language pathologist and reading specialist. She has more than 25 years of experience providing intervention.

She uses webcam sessions, software and apps to provide intensive intervention. Anna provides unlimited support to families and educational teams.

If you would like to chat with Anna by phone or webcam, please use her online scheduler to book a session. This is faster than calling our office and leaving a message. She will contact you at the designated time.

Anna has a wide base of diagnostic experience, having worked at BC Children’s Hospital, Sunny Hill Hospital and various school districts. She knows how to translate theory into practice. Anna Krueger partners with professionals, parents and volunteers in using technology to produce life-changing results.

Anna Krueger is a Credentialed Professional

You can follow the links and do a search on “Anna Krueger” to confirm that she is a  qualified member of the following organizations. You are protected from false claims and inappropriate treatments when you choose a professional who is monitored by local and national organizations. Neuroplan’s telehealth services are available across Canada. 

Anna Krueger’s Credentials

Being a clinical provider for the Scientific Learning Company gives me a lot of joy. I started by running a computer lab in my clinic after school. I was getting referrals of grade 3 children who could not read. Fast ForWord intervention worked when everything else had failed those children. At this point in my career, I have trained more than 200 adults to be facilitators and I’ve enriched the lives of close to 500 children because of Fast ForWord.

Read more about Anna’s role as a Fast Forword Provider.

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