Improving Auditory Processing in Autism

Anna Krueger talks about Autism Treatment

Click on the image below to start the video. Lisa Fraser, the host, conducted a series of interviews as a way to give parents access to useful information about autism. You can see the whole series of interviews at

During the interview, Lisa asks Anna about her work as an online speech language pathologist. Anna provides intensive autism treatment across Canada using Fast ForWord online programs.

Here are some of the questions covered in the interview:

  • What do you do as an online speech language pathologist?
  • Can you explain what auditory processing is?
  • How do your online therapy programs improve auditory processing?
  • Why does treatment with Fast ForWord produce huge improvements in kids with autism?
  • What are some simple, free ways parents can improve auditory processing in their kids with autism?
  • What is your top recommendation for parents who have children with autism?

Dr. Mike Merzenick talks about Autism

Auditory Processing in Autism

Listen to Dr. Merzenick, a world famous neuroscientist, who is a pioneer in research on brain plasticity. He is one of the  founding scientists behind Fast ForWord. Children with autism benefit from Fast ForWord in many ways because it changes the brain.

Free Handout on Auditory Processing

Auditory Processing HandoutDuring the interview, Anna stressed that parents should avoid auditory processing treatments that are passive. They can be a waste of time and money. In contrast, parents should chose treatments that require the learner to give a response.

Here is the handout that Anna mentioned in the video. It gives parents a way to assess interventions for auditory processing difficulties. You can download it for free by entering your name and email.

Top Recommendations for Parents of Children with Autism

  1. Find out if Fast ForWord is a good fit for your child. You can read all about it on this site. Anna offers a Free Diagnostic Checklist and a Free Screening Assessment.
  2. Get an iPad for your child with autism. If you live in BC, Anna can help you with the paperwork from the Autism Funding Unit. She is on the list of Registered Autism Service Providers.
  3. Load up your iPad with apps for speech, language and learning.
  4. Apps with picture symbols can help in two ways. First of all, you can use them to explain something, like a sequence of events. (e.g. First we are going to the bakery and then to grandma’s place. You can eat your doughnut at grandma’s). Secondly, you can teach your child to use picture symbols to create messages. During the interview, Anna recommended the Proloquo2Go App.

Online Treatment with Fast ForWord

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