Autism Treatment Improves Reading Comprehension

Does your child or student have autism? If you want help with the signs of autism, use our diagnostic checklist first. Then come back to this page.

Discrete trial training (DTT) is particularly effective for teaching skills to children with autism. DTT was one of the very first interventions developed for autism and has extensive research supporting it. 

Autism Discreet Trial Training

What is Discrete Trial Training?

The discrete trial method has four distinct parts:​

  1. the trainer's presentation (the antecedent)​
  2. the learner's response (the behaviour)
  3. the consequence
  4. a short pause between the consequence and the next instruction

The term consequence is merely the feedback the learner gets. It does not mean punishment. For example when you’re hungry (antecedent), you eat something (behavior) and then you feel better (consequence). You enjoyed a positive consequence for your behavior, and this increases the likelihood that you’ll again eat when hungry in the future! 

Online Discrete Trial Training with Fast ForWord

At Neuroplan Treatment Services, we like using Fast ForWord software with students who have autism. Fast ForWord was created by neuroscientists who are aware of the effectiveness of the discrete trial method. Fast ForWord has been used by more than 2 million learners worldwide. More than 30 years of research has shown that Fast ForWord works.

It is not sold in stores because it requires professional oversight. We help kids with autism overcome auditory processing difficulties. They subsequently learn to how read. Our advanced programs help teens with autism master English reading comprehension, spelling and written output. Watch our video to learn how it works.

Create a Super Student

Online Treatment

Want to transform a struggling reader into a super student?

So super that you never have to help with homework again?

So super that school is fun?

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We use Fast ForWord software to treat the source of the problems, not just the symptoms. Watch our slide show to find out how Fast ForWord intervention works.

Registered Autism Service Provider

Anna Krueger is a registered autism service provider in British Columbia, Canada. Autism treatment with Fast ForWord is 100% funded for children in BC with an autism diagnosis.

To help kids with autism read with comprehension, we start by helping them overcome auditory processing difficulties. They have to become good listeners first. Our advanced programs help teens with autism master English reading comprehension, spelling and written output! Fast ForWord online treatment helps learners with autism overcome their struggles.

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