The Brain that Changes Itself

The Brain That Changes ItselfGet a free copy of chapter 3 from Dr. Norman Doidge’s book, The Brain That Changes Itself.  In this book, Dr. Doidge presents fascinating evidence of how the brain can literally rewire itself throughout the lifespan, even into old age.

Brain Plasticity: Brain that Changes Itself

He shows how the brain is “plastic” and can change at any age, based on the stimuli it is being given.  The brain is no longer thought of as “fixed” or “unchanging.”  You literally train it in everything you do during your daily life.   This is the concept of neuroplasticity.

Dr. Doidge’s research convinced him that miracles can occur. The download link will give you chapter three from the book. In this chapter, Dr. Doidge describes the research that Dr. Mike Merzenick did on brain plasticity. Dr. Merzenick is a world famous neuroscientist. He is the inventor of the cochlear implant, which restores hearing to people who have lost their ability to hear.

Dr. Merzenick is one of the founding researchers who created Fast ForWord software. Chapter three tells the story of how research with Fast ForWord has proven that brains can be rewired so students have success in school. 

Fast ForWord founder Dr. Michael Merzenich has been awarded the Charles L Branch Brain Health Award by the University of Texas for his extraordinary contribution to neuroscience.

Dr Mike Merzenich NeuroscientistLast year Dr Merzenich was also given the highest honour possible in the field of neuroscience – The Kavli Prize. This saw him granted a gold medal by the King of Norway and a banquet in his honour in the same venue as the Nobel Peace Prize.

Dr Merzenich’s discovery of lifelong brain plasticity revolutionised the neuroscience world.

Plasticity describes the brain’s ability to learn by creating new connections between neurons within the brain.

Originally, it was thought that brains were only ‘plastic’ during early childhood as the brain developed. But Dr Merzenich’s research proved brains could change and adapt well into adulthood.

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