Does brain training help struggling readers?

A: Yes, brain training games change the brain so that struggling readers can learn without frustration and stress. Neuroplan Treatment Services has online brain training software for students in the elementary and secondary grades.

no more frustration after Fast ForWord treatment

The software we use is based on research in brain plasticity. Fast ForWord software has been scientifically proven to improve skills by up to two grade levels in just 4 to 12 weeks of consistent use. Here are some featured articles:

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Online Brain Training Games


Learning takes place using online games. Fast ForWord brain training software is adaptive, which means that it adjusts to the person who is using it. If the person is having success, the games will advance to a higher level. If the person is making errors, the games will stay at a steady level until the person is more accurate.


Teenagers or adults who are using Fast ForWord software will notice that the software is respectful of the skills that they are already good at. For example, someone who has good listening comprehension will move through the comprehension games quickly. There is no need to waste time on drills that are not needed.


All you need is a computer with headphones. The online brain training games make it easy to create a home program for a student.

Frequently Asked Questions about Fast ForWord

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