Introduction to BrainWare® Safari Online Brain Training

Brainware Safari LogoBrainWare Safari is an online brain training program. It is not available for sale to the public because it requires professional oversight. Anna Krueger from Neuroplan is a clinical provider for BrainWare Safari in Canada.

What does it do?

Improves Cognitive Skills

BrainWare Safari is ideal for teenagers and adults who want to improve their cognitive skills. It looks easy at the beginning, but quickly becomes challenging.

Builds Neurological Pathways

People who are recovering from a concussion or other type of brain injury can use BrainWare Safari for cognitive rehab.

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Introduction to BrainWare Safari

If you have just started one of our service plans for BrainWare Safari, checkout the videos below so that you know what to do in each game.  I’m always available to answer your questions by email, phone or webcam. You can book appointments with me using my online scheduler.

Anna Krueger, Clinical Director

Overview of Settings in BrainWare Safari

Welcome to BrainWare Safari! Watch this video to get oriented. If you don’t see the video, please give it a bit of time to load.

Videos Introducing the BrainWare Safari Exercises

Games that Improve Attention, Memory, Visual and Auditory processing, Thinking and Sensory Integration

Click on the link to see an introductory video of the game. This will show you an early level. The games all become much more challenging over time.

BrainWare Safari Crocodile Recollection

BrainWare Safari Arrow Point Bridge

BrainWare Safari Cave Comparisons

BrainWare Safari Iguana Lookout

BrainWare Safari Jumping Jaguar Flash

Many of the games give you lots of chances to fix your mistakes. Repetition is good for the brain! The only games that don’t do this are the logic games. The logic games will eventually show you the answers.

Save these logic games until the end. Don’t start with them.

BrainWare Safari Ancient Logic and Reasoning

BrainWare Safari Llama Logic

Are you interested in getting started today? Please use our online registration and consent form.

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More Videos

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