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Should I Enrol my Child in Early French Immersion?

Early French Immersion 1200w

Are you considering enrolling your kindergarten child in an Early French Immersion Program? School don’t like to be heavy-handed with advice regarding a child’s lack of readiness for an Early French Immersion Program. Download an objective checklist to help you make a decision.

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COVID-19 Distance Learning Programs for Elementary

Girl using Distance Learning Programs

COVID-19 School Closures are creating problems for parents. Are you wondering how you are going to make it through the next weeks…and possibly longer?  Are you one of the parents who is searching for distance learning programs for elementary school kids? How do you find the right distance learning programs quickly? If your boss is asking you […]

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How to Install the WordQ App for Chrome

WORDQ Improve Writing Skills

Did you know that you can improve writing skills with the Word-Q App for Google Chrome?  Here are the steps for purchasing and installing the Word Q App for Google Chrome. ​You need a gmail account. If you don’t have a google account yet, you can set up one here: Go to the Quillsoft website to reach […]

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The Brain that Changes Itself

The Brain That Changes Itself

Get a free copy of chapter 3 from Dr. Norman Doidge’s book, The Brain That Changes Itself.  In this book, Dr. Doidge presents fascinating evidence of how the brain can literally rewire itself throughout the lifespan, even into old age. Brain Plasticity: Brain that Changes Itself He shows how the brain is “plastic” and can change at any age, based on […]

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Fast ForWord® Free Demo Instructions

Reading Assistant Free Demo

Instructions for the Fast ForWord Free Demo Fast ForWord has a Slowed Speech Signal that Sounds Strange Fill in the form in the sidebar to get a username and password for the Fast ForWord free demo. Be sure to wear headphones when you try the demo. You will notice that the games have a slowed […]

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Voice Recording on Mac, iPad and iPhone

Boy Using Reading Assistant

Have you tried making a voice recording on a Mac in a noisy environment? Have you tried to use voice recognition software on an iPad or iPhone? Voice Recognition Software Makes Mistakes in Noisy Environments In my work as a speech language pathologist, I often use apps to help people work on their goals. For example, Reading Assistant provides […]

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