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The Brain that Changes Itself

The Brain That Changes Itself

Get a free copy of chapter 3 from Dr. Norman Doidge’s book, The Brain That Changes Itself.  In this book, Dr. Doidge presents fascinating evidence of how the brain can literally rewire itself throughout the lifespan, even into old age. Brain Plasticity: Brain that Changes Itself He shows how the brain is “plastic” and can change at any age, based on […]

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Fast ForWord® Free Demo Instructions

Reading Assistant Free Demo

Instructions for the Fast ForWord Free Demo Fast ForWord has a Slowed Speech Signal that Sounds Strange Fill in the form in the sidebar to get a username and password for the Fast ForWord free demo. Be sure to wear headphones when you try the demo. You will notice that the games have a slowed […]

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Inside the Brain of a Struggling Reader

learn to read

When we see a struggling reader, we often look to social or economic factors, access to books, or the home environment for an explanation. While each of these factors can play a part, treatable brain differences are often part of the equation. Fast Forword online treatment offers hope. To get started, please use our online […]

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