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COVID-19 Distance Learning Programs for Elementary

Girl using Distance Learning Programs

COVID-19 School Closures are creating problems for parents. Are you wondering how you are going to make it through the next weeks…and possibly longer?  Are you one of the parents who is searching for distance learning programs for elementary school kids? How do you find the right distance learning programs quickly? If your boss is asking you […]

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Hearing Problems can cause a Speech and Language Delay

normal ear compared to otitis media

Hearing problems can cause speech problems and a language delay. If your baby or toddler is showing signs of a language delay due to hearing problems, don’t wait. Here are some things you can do right away. Step One: Find out if your Child is Having Hearing Difficulties Your doctor should look in your child’s ear with […]

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Early Signs of Language Delay

6 months language delay

Signs of a possible language delay can be detected in infants and toddlers. Early intervention is critical. It is seldom in the child’s best interests to adopt a “wait and see” approach. The following developmental milestones provide some important guidelines for monitoring a child’s speech and language development. Being Behind in these Milestones Suggests a Language […]

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Review: What’s Wrong with Earobics?

Earobics Pre K - 3

The name “Earobics” is brilliant. It evokes the image of a workout for the ear. Should poor readers use Earobics software to improve their literacy skills? Does it provide what they need? I’m a speech-language pathologist who has used both Earobics and Fast ForWord software in my private clinic. Earobics is not a good use […]

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