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Set up Distance Learning Contracts for SLP Therapy

Distance Learning Contract For Therapy

Hello distance learning consultants! I’m looking forward to providing telepractice services for your students. I’m an experienced SLP who uses software and apps to increase the intensity of therapy without driving up the cost.I have created an online tool to help you create contracts that match what I am advertising. Please don’t send me unrealistic […]

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Get a Cost Estimate from Neuroplan

Cost Estimate Neuroplan

To get a quick cost estimate from Neuroplan Treatment Services, use the online form below. Answer a few questions about your needs and see our pricing options. We are an online service provider, helping people across Canada.  We don’t travel and none of our clients travel to see us. Instead of lengthy assessments, we do a […]

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Online Autism Treatment for Talking

Autism Treatment Gemiini video modeling provides help with talking

Neuroplan recommends Gemiini video modelling as an autism treatment to help with talking. We also love the AVAZ AAC app.Gemiini starts with lessons for non-verbal kids and moves all the way up to conversational speech. Gemiini is an online platform that gives Neuroplan the power to make and store highly individualized video modeling sessions for […]

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What is ADHD?

ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) is a condition characterized by developmentally inappropriate levels of inattention, hyperactivity, and impulsive behavior. To be diagnosed, the condition must cause significant impairment in daily functioning in at least two settings, usually meaning a child’s symptoms are present both at home and at school for at least six months (1). It […]

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Improving Auditory Processing in Autism

Auditory Processing in Autism

Anna Krueger talks about Autism TreatmentClick on the image below to start the video. Lisa Fraser, the host, conducted a series of interviews as a way to give parents access to useful information about autism. You can see the whole series of interviews at During the interview, Lisa asks Anna about her work as an online speech language […]

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Funding Sources for Neuroplan’s Services

telehealth funding sources

All funding sources that cover onsite speech language pathology services can be used for telehealth practice. In Canada, speech language pathologists are certified at the national level by Speech and Hearing Canada. Canada’s provinces have professional regulatory bodies which exist to protect the public. Their goal is to ensure that you are treated ethically and […]

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