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ZOOM Cloud Meetings App for Online Therapy Sessions

Zoom Cloud Meetings

Here at Neuroplan, we love the ZOOM Cloud Meetings app. All you need is a computer with a webcam and a high speed internet connection. ZOOM meets telehealth requirements for confidentiality. The online sessions are password protected and the transmission is encrypted. Join a Test Meeting in ZOOM Now Give it a try now. Click on […]

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Online Speech Language Therapy across Canada

speech language therapy

Our online speech language therapy services are for ages 5 and up. We use webcam sessions to provide individual therapy.This is much less expensive than having a speech-language pathologist travel to your home.Telehealth sessions are convenient for your family.Our approach is innovative and fun.New ReferralsMany of our referrals come from distributed learning schools. If you are […]

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Do I need special equipment for online speech therapy?

online speech therapy

Online speech therapy does not require any special equipment. We use ZOOM Cloud Meetings, a secure telehealth platform. It is free and works on most laptops. It also works on desktop computers that have a webcam. If you want to use a tablet or mobile phone, download the ZOOM Cloud Meetings app from the App Store. Download […]

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