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Fast ForWord® Reading Level 3

reading level 3

Fast ForWord Reading Level 3 software builds on the Fast ForWord Reading Level 2 games by concentrating on reading knowledge and fluency, with a focus on phonology and spelling, morphological properties and complexity, syntactic complexity, vocabulary and comprehension. Accelerate Progress in Reading and Writing Fast ForWord Reading Level 3 software develops critical brain processing efficiency in […]

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Improve Literacy with Fast ForWord® READING

Girl Dyslexia Treatment

The four programs in the Fast ForWord READING series improve literacy in learners of all ages. They are ideal for people learning to read and write. Fast ForWord Reading Readiness Program Fast ForWord Reading Level 1 Program Fast ForWord Reading Level 2 Program Fast ForWord Reading Level 3 Program These programs are adaptive. This means they are customized for one student. Each person works at their own level and gets […]

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