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To get a quick cost estimate from Neuroplan Treatment Services, use the online form below. Answer a few questions about your needs and see our pricing options. We are an online service provider, helping people across Canada. 

We don't travel and none of our clients travel to see us. Instead of lengthy assessments, we do a quick online screening. You get to use 100% of your funds for  therapy.

People often enquire about our pricing for the software programs we use. We don't sell software. We sell comprehensive online intervention which includes assessments, materials, oversight, team training and written documentation.

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Three Types of Contracts

Technology Delivers the Curriculum

The first type of contract includes clinical software or apps that the client is expected to use every day. We pay for the licenses for these programs. We can assign programs and levels, see the usage data on the server and make adjustments. Our speech language pathologist (i.e. SLP) provides a written treatment plan and unlimited support to everyone on your treatment team by phone, email and webcam. The curriculum is provided by the technology. These contracts are based on a flat monthly rate which reflects the SLP's time.

An Adult Delivers the Curriculum

The second type of contract doesn't include any software or apps. Our speech language pathologist provides a written treatment plan and works with the client during webcam sessions. The curriculum consists of handouts and assignments delivered by email or as a shared google document. These contracts are billed by the session. An adult delivers the curriculum. For example, a parent would participate in the session with their child and would use the materials provided to carry out daily practice between sessions. These contracts are based on a specific number of sessions spread out over many months.


The third type of contract is a combination of the first two types.

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Please fill in this online form to get a quick cost estimate. We will ask you a few questions to find out more about your needs and the resources that you have available. This will help you determine if Neuroplan's services are a good fit for your situation.

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