Do I need special equipment for online speech therapy?

online speech therapyOnline speech therapy does not require any special equipment. We use ZOOM Cloud Meetings, a secure telehealth platform. It is free and works on most laptops. It also works on desktop computers that have a webcam. If you want to use a tablet or mobile phone, download the ZOOM Cloud Meetings app from the App Store.

Download the ZOOM Cloud Meetings App from iTunes

Download the ZOOm Cloud Meetings App from Google Play

Can I test my system to find out if online speech therapy will work for me?

Yes, click on the link below to test your computer. Zoom should automatically install. After a few minutes your webcam will start and you should see yourself on the camera.

Join Meeting Test

I don’t have a webcam. Can I still use ZOOM Cloud Meetings?

Yes, you can still use Zoom Cloud Meetings even if you don’t have a webcam. Anna won’t be able to see you but you will be able to see her. This is fine for consults about assessment results and progress reports. Anna will be able to use screen sharing to show you documents. The sound quality is just as good as a phone call, and there are no long distance fees.

Do I need to use a headset if I am using a laptop? What if I’m using a tablet?

No, you don’t need a headset to use Zoom. A laptop computer or a tablet both work well for online therapy without a headset. This is the best option for a number of reasons:

  • The sound quality is good
  • There is no microphone for a child to play with
  • You don’t have to worry about the headset being too large
  • Everyone in the room will be able to see and hear Anna. It is easy for parents or school staff to participate in therapy.

Please make sure that the client is sitting on a stable chair, not a rolling one. The camera works best if there is not too much movement.

Do I need a headset if I want to use Zoom Cloud Meetings with a desktop computer ?

Yes, if your only option is  a desktop computer with external speakers and no webcam, a headset might be necessary in order for Anna to conduct an effective therapy session. This is because the external speakers sometimes create an echo.

The headset only allows one person to hear Anna. It is a good solution for a session with an adult, but not ideal for a session with a child.

For a therapy session with a child, we highly recommend a laptop or tablet with an internal webcam.

What if all I have is a desktop?

If all you have is a desktop, with no access to a headset, laptop or tablet, you might still be able to participate in online therapy.

You could use a mobile phone plus a desktop computer. You would log into the Zoom session from your phone and from your desktop computer. There would be three “participants” in the session instead of just two.

The phone will give you the sound and the faces and your desktop will give you screen sharing.



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