Are the Fast ForWord® graphics age appropriate?

brain-traing produces resultsA: The Fast ForWord games are age appropriate and fun to play. The characters were created by graphic artists for the Scientific Learning Company. The visuals change as you go up the levels. The creators have tried to keep the graphics appealing.

Other early reading programs have childish graphics which offend teens who are struggling readers. This is not so with Fast ForWord.

Teens and adults who need to work on cognitive skills have their own set of early programs, with age appropriate graphics, vocabulary and topics. These programs are called Fast ForWord Literacy and Fast ForWord Literacy Advanced. The characters look similar to comic strip characters.

Demos of Fast ForWord from Sonic Learning

Watch this outstanding video produced by a provider in Australia, the Sonic Learning Company. You will see examples of the various graphics used in the Fast ForWord games and hear about the joy that student experience when they improve.  (If you don’t see the video, please wait for it to load.)

Frequently Asked Questions about Fast ForWord

There is a lot of information about Fast ForWord on this site! Keep reading…

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