How do I get access to Fast ForWord in Canada?

Neuroplan is a top clinical provider for Fast ForWord in Canada. My name is Anna Krueger. I’m a certified speech language pathologist and the Clinical Director of Neuroplan Treatment Services.

When I was a university student, I did research on children in grade 2 who were having reading difficulties. I was stunned by the findings. The test I was using was a listening task. The children who were good readers were fast and accurate listeners. The children who were poor readers were slow and inaccurate listeners.

It was a simple task. They had to listen to a tape recorded sound and tell me if they heard BA, DA or GA. Every good reader responded with confidence “I heard BA.” Why couldn’t poor readers do this? If we knew what was causing the underlying problem, could we fix it?

A few years later I was at a conference for speech language pathologists. Dr. Paula Tallal, who is one of the founding scientists behind Fast ForWord, was on the stage. She was part of a panel discussion. Dr. Tallal said that the team she was working with had developed software that provided treatment for brain skills. She said that children with reading disorders and learning disabilities were overcoming their struggles. I recall how hostile the other professionals on the panel were! How dare someone make such a claim!

Over the years, I have seen it for myself. I started out with a computer lab in my speech language pathology clinic. Now I do all my training and consultation in online sessions. My clients use Fast ForWord software and other online therapy programs. They simply log each day and access their therapy program. Anna Krueger

If you have made the decision to try Fast ForWord, your next step is to choose a Fast ForWord provider. The Scientific Learning Company has a directory of people who are available in Canada, the US and internationally.

Choose a Fast ForWord Provider in your Country

Fast ForWord Providers in other Countries

If you live in the US, look for a provider in your area. There are many experienced professionals providing Fast ForWord in the US. The speech language pathologists on this list have training in speech perception, language processing and the various causes of reading disorders.

There are also international certified resellers. Fast ForWord is available in more than 55 countries. Many Fast ForWord learning centres around the world focus on teaching English. The software is unique because it teaches speech perception. It transforms listening skills, giving people the advantage of being able to process English just as quickly as a native speaker. Fast ForWord programs are used around the world to help people succeed with English literacy. CLICK HERE to access the directory of international certified resellers.

Get Access to Fast ForWord in Canada through a Qualified Professional

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CLICK HERE to access the directory of Canadian and US providers for Fast ForWord intervention.

If you use this directory to do a search for NEUROPLAN or KRUEGER, you will see my credentials behind my name.

Anna Krueger, MSc, S-LP(C)

MSc = a master of science degree from a university

S-LP(C) = speech language pathologist certified by Canada’s national professional association.

Be careful about choosing a provider with no professional credentials. In the past, it was possible for an entrepreneur without any university training to complete the online training modules and become a reseller. Some of these long-time providers are still included in the directory.

If you choose someone with no professional credentials, you won’t be able to use extended health insurance coverage or be able to access government funding and grants. As a Canadian speech language pathologist, I help my clients apply their funding and benefits to the intervention programs that Neuroplan offers.

If you Choose Neuroplan

Here are some common questions that parents ask when they are looking for a Fast ForWord provider. If you choose Neuroplan Treatment Services, you get direct access to me.

Q: Are you qualified?

Yes, I’m a certified speech language pathologist and a reading specialist. Read more about me.

Q: Are you experienced?

Absolutely! I have had many years of success with these tremendous intervention programs.  I have used Fast ForWord and Reading Assistant to help people with learning disabilities, dyslexia, attention deficit disorder, autism, Down’s Syndrome, aphasia, intellectual deficits, speech disorders, auditory processing difficulties, visual processing difficulties, language processing difficulties, seizure disorders, stuttering and many more underlying problems. I have also used it with gifted students who needed an individualized program.

  • In my clinic, I sat beside each learner and watched as they used the games.
  • I travelled to homes in order to install the programs. This is no longer necessary because the programs are online.
  • To date, I have trained more than 200 people to support learners using Fast ForWord.
  • I have helped the staff at a local chapter of a learning disabilities association offer Fast ForWord in a summer program.

Q: Can I bring my child to you for an assessment?

There is no need to travel to my location. I do all my assessments online rather than in a clinic.

Q: How much does an assessment cost?

Initial screening assessments are free! I offer re-testing once a year as part of my therapy packages. This gives us a baseline at the beginning and provides objective proof of progress and improvements.

Info about Assessments

Q: Are you available?

Yes. I make it easy for people to connect with me. Simply use my online appointment scheduler to pick a time for a phone call or webcam session. Busy parents like the fact that I offer evening appointments.

Q: How do you work with us?

speech language therapyI start by making sure that the learner is a good candidate for my approach:

  • Does the learner have some basic computer skills?
  • What is the learner’s diagnosis?
  • What are the learner’s needs and goals?
  • Does the learner have time for an intensive therapy program right now? Do other lessons and commitments need to be reduced before we start?

I also enquire about the facilitator. Usually this is a parent. I have also had success in training siblings, grandparents, school staff and behaviour interventionists. For example:

  • How often is the facilitator available? How long?
  • Can the facilitator motivate the learner to persist when the games get challenging?
  • Is the facilitator available for training by webcam before we start?
  • Will the facilitator use my online scheduler to book consultations over time so that we can look at the progress data together?
  • Is the facilitator a consistent person in the learner’s life? Will the facilitator’s commitment end when the semester ends?
  • Does the facilitator expect a whole team of other people to provide supervision? If so, I insist on training each team member myself.

Finally, the setting has to be conducive to intensive brain-training:

  • Is there a quiet location available, with access to a fast internet connection? It doesn’t work to use Fast ForWord or Reading Assistant in a noisy classroom.
  • Does the learner have access to a computer or iPad, and good quality headphones?
  • Will the learner’s password be kept confidential? Does everyone know that the program is off limits to other users? The data will be ruined if someone else plays the games. Each level closes permanently once it is mastered.

Q: Will Fast ForWord work for my child?

register brain trainingIf you haven’t used my diagnostic checklist yet, start with that. The next step is a free screening assessment. I’m happy to talk with you about the results and discuss your concerns.

Try my interactive free demo of Fast ForWord. There is no sales pressure. You simply sign up and my website will give you a login and password. You can explore the games by yourself and let your child try them as well. If questions come up as your try the demo, send me an email. I answer all my messages personally.

Q: Can I afford Fast ForWord or Reading Assistant?

I’m selling therapy, not software. Read some examples of how other families have found funding. 

Read my post: How much does Fast ForWord cost?

Reading Assistant CostMy clients have been able to access the following funding sources because I am a speech language pathologist:

  • Extended Health Insurance
  • BC Ministry of Children and Family Development funding for autism and medical benefits
  • Revenue Canada Medical Tax Deduction
  • BC Ministry of Education Funding through Distance Learning Schools
  • Variety Children’s Charity Grants
  • CKNW Kid’s Fund Grants
  • BC Ministry of Education Funding through local school districts and distributed learning schools
See our Program Pricing

Q: How does it work?

I expect learners to use their programs at least three hours a week. Some of my clients astound me by doing way more than this. My monthly rate doesn’t change. You can take a break and then come back. All of the learner’s work is saved on the server.

Read all the frequently asked questions about Fast ForWord brain training.

Q: How long does it take?

online speech therapyThere are 10 different Fast ForWord programs covering the range from reading acquisition to advanced adult literacy. Reading Assistant spans from kindergarten to grade 12. If a learner did every single program it would take many years to complete them all. In fact, there are home schooling families that use Fast Forword and Reading Assistant as their curriculum.

My screening assessment helps us decide where to start. As the learner makes progress, I update the treatment plan. Our goal is always to bring literacy skills up to the learner’s expected grade level. Dramatic changes are possible with a 6 month commitment.

Q: What progress will I see?

I will send you weekly progress reports by email. These reports are generated by the software. You get a high level of detail. For example:

  • How many hours were completed? On which days?
  • Did the learner do the full protocol? Were any games skipped?
  • What was the learner working on? How accurate was the learner?
  • Was the learner stuck on something? Was the learner making the same error repeatedly?
  • Which games improved? By how much?
  • How much overall improvement was there in the past week?

Q: How hard is it to implement?

learning difficulties can be overcomeI offer unlimited consultation by phone, email and webcam. My flat monthly rate won’t go up if you need my help. Here is what I recommend for most situations:

  • Set up a practice schedule and try to stick with it.
  • I expect you to stay in the room while your learner is using the program.
  • Don’t provide answers. Have cup of tea, fold laundry, or check your phone. Be gentle and encouraging but don’t give the learner the answers.
  • Look at the progress reports every week with your learner.
  • Book online sessions with me as often as you like.

To get started, please use my online registration and consent form.

Frequently Asked Questions about Fast ForWord

There is a lot of information about Fast ForWord on this site! Keep reading…

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