How much does Fast ForWord® cost?

Neuroplan is a top ForWord provider in Canada.A: Your Fast ForWord cost at Neuroplan Treatment Services is based on a 6 to 12 month contract. This gives you unlimited online access to personalized learning games for one person. We are selling therapy, not software. Fast ForWord intervention is offered by Anna Krueger, a certified speech language pathologist. She will give you a quote based on the details of your therapy contract.

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Online Treatment with Fast ForWord

Step One: Choose a Qualified Professional as your Fast ForWord Provider

We get a lot of people asking about the cost of Fast ForWord. People wonder why it isn’t sold in stores or on the internet. This is because using it effectively requires professional oversight.

You can access Fast ForWord through reading specialists, private clinics and educational agencies. Fast ForWord is now available in 55 countries around the world. If you do some research online, you will find that there is a lot of variation, but Fast ForWord is expensive no matter where you look. We buy licenses on behalf of our clients and then bill for our time. We don’t bill anyone for software.

Take some time to pick a qualified professional as your service provider. One of the financial benefits of our service is that speech language pathology services are tax deductible as a medical expense. Find out more about Anna Krueger’s approach as a Fast ForWord provider.

Step Two: Find out if you can Access Funding for Fast ForWord

program pricingThe most common funding source is extended health insurance funding through an employee benefits plan. Read some examples of how families found funding for Fast ForWord.

Frequently Asked Questions about our Services and Invoices

Download our handout to get the details you need. You are welcome to share this with funding agencies and insurance companies.


Step Three: Become Hopeful

Yes, there is hope so we want you to start feeling hopeful! Fast ForWord is based on neuroscience. There are more than 250 research studies behind this remarkable intervention.

I’m passionate about using Fast ForWord to help people overcome problems with speaking, listening, reading and writing! Please spend some time reading all the frequently asked questions about Fast ForWord that I have posted on my website. It’s important to do research on the price, but don’t stop there.

How does it work? Who invented it? Why does it work so quickly?         Anna Krueger

Anna Krueger

Step Four: Find out if Fast ForWord is Right for You

Are you wondering if your child or teenager should try Fast ForWord? Are you worried about a student? Use our free diagnostic checklist to identify the problems and find out if Fast ForWord is a good solution for you.

Use our Free Diagnostic Checklist


Frequently Asked Questions about Fast ForWord

There is a lot of information about Fast ForWord on this site! Keep reading…



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