Can I get a Fast ForWord® discount?

discount on Fast ForWord programsA: Yes, you can get a Fast ForWord discount from Neuroplan Treatment Services if several people in your family want to use the program. Each person needs an individual license. It is not possible to use one license for several siblings.

Fast ForWord is not for everyone. It is possible that our online reading assessment will reveal that only one of your children is a good candidate for Fast ForWord.

Neuroplan Treatment Services is a trusted professional provider for the Fast ForWord program. The best candidates are people who need help to overcome learning difficulties.

We won’t sell you something that you can’t use. We offer an objective assessment and professional advice regarding actual test results. This will help you decide if you want to purchase one of our monthly service plans.

We acknowledge that Fast ForWord is expensive. Neuroplan Treatment Services pays high license fees in US dollars in order to use this software. We absorb the costs.

We can help you access funding because we are a speech language pathology service. Families with extended health insurance funding or other coverage for speech language therapy have been able to get Fast ForWord intervention from Neuroplan 100% covered by a funding source.

Frequently Asked Questions about Fast ForWord

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