Does Fast ForWord® software meet individual learning needs?

A: Yes, Fast ForWord software meets individual learning needs. It is adaptive software that maintains motivation and confidence by allowing students to work at their own pace.

It stays at the right level to meet the individual learning needs of students

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Fast ForWord is adaptive software that meets individual learning needs.

Fast ForWord software uses a slowed auditory signal, something that no other method offers. This approach is based on research done by Dr. Paula Tallal, which showed that struggling readers had underlying temporal (i.e. timing) processing deficits. They could not process speech sounds as fast as good readers.

During the early levels in a game, a student is working at a processing level that is much slower than a normal speech rate. The slow speech signal is created using computer technology. It is not possible to do this with the human voice. The slow signal makes it possible for a struggling reader to get the answer correct.

If the student is making mistakes, Fast ForWord software stays at that level and repeats. It does not move to more difficult tasks until the student is ready. This builds motivation to become highly accurate. Students soon learn that if they guess, the adaptive software will be able to tell that they are guessing. Once the student is accurate at a slow processing rate, the software speeds up slightly.

Fast Forword software gets faster and more complex if the student is accurate

Tasks that are easy for the student move up quickly. No time is wasted on drills that are not needed. This respectful approach builds motivation as well. Students realize that they won’t have to repeat a question if they get it right the first time. As individual learning needs are met by Fast Forword software, students acquire brain fitness. Learning becomes much easier. Students start to do better with less effort. It is like emerging from a gravel road and turning onto a highway.

Video of Dr. Paula Tallal

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