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FAQ about Fast ForWord Brain Training

This page has links to all of Neuroplan's Frequently Asked Questions about Fast ForWord. Just click on a question to reach the blog post.

What is Fast ForWord®?
A: Fast ForWord is brain training software that helps people overcome learning difficulties. Most tutoring programs only work around the underlying[...]
Why does Fast ForWord sound so strange?
A: The sounds in Fast ForWord are slowed down far below our normal speaking rate. This unique intervention improves speech[...]
Who is a good candidate for Fast ForWord®?
A: Fast ForWord brain training software is ideal for people who struggle with reading skills. Research has proven that students have had[...]
Why do struggling readers get so frustrated?
A: Struggling readers get frustrated because most reading interventions lack an emphasis on underlying cognitive skills. Inferior programs don't provide[...]
Does brain training help struggling readers?
A: Yes, brain training games change the brain so that struggling readers can learn without frustration and stress. Neuroplan Treatment Services[...]
Does repetition help the brain form connections?
A: Yes, science has proven that repetition creates thick neural connections. In recent years, there we have learned a lot[...]
Can learning difficulties be overcome?
A: Neuroscience has shown us that the brain is plastic. It tells us how the brain learns. We now know[...]
Is there proof that Fast ForWord® works?
A: Continuous research is providing proof that Fast ForWord creates impressive improvements in language and reading skills. Since its origins[...]
Is Fast ForWord® the best brain training program?
A: Fast ForWord products are the only products to date that have extensive independent scientific validation that they actually improve[...]
Does Fast ForWord® software meet individual learning needs?
A: Yes, Fast ForWord software meets individual learning needs. It is adaptive software that maintains motivation and confidence by allowing students to[...]
Is this ADD ADHD treatment without medication?
Are you looking for ADD ADHD treatment without medication? Did you know that kids spend 45% of a typical school day listening,[...]
Can I get a Fast ForWord® discount?
A: Yes, you can get a Fast ForWord discount from Neuroplan Treatment Services if several people in your family want to[...]
How much does Fast ForWord® cost?
A: Your Fast ForWord cost at Neuroplan Treatment Services is based on a 6 to 12 month contract. This gives you[...]
Do people say that Fast ForWord® works?
A: Fast ForWord helps struggling students. It is an online intervention that uses the principles of brain science to treat the[...]
Are the Fast ForWord® graphics age appropriate?
A: The Fast ForWord games are age appropriate and fun to play. The characters were created by graphic artists for the[...]
Why do some students get stuck on the Fast ForWord Sky Gym game?
A lot of students get stuck on the Foundations I Sky Gym game. To learn more about Fast ForWord intervention,[...]
Can my child do Fast ForWord at school?
A: Yes, Anna Krueger from Neuroplan can help your child do Fast ForWord at school. She knows all the potential[...]
How do I get access to Fast ForWord in Canada?
Neuroplan is a top clinical provider for Fast ForWord in Canada. My name is Anna Krueger. I'm a certified speech language[...]
How do I get the MySciLearn shortcut on my iPad?
This is for my clients who are using Fast ForWord and Reading Assistant.

Neuroplan Treatment Services will Help you use Fast ForWord Anytime, Anywhere!

Fast ForWord software is only available from clinical providers because it requires professional oversight. It is not sold online or in stores. Neuroplan Treatment Services is a top clinical provider for the Scientific Learning Company in Canada.

Our Fast ForWord Home and School Service combines the power of Fast ForWord with unlimited consultation with Anna Krueger, our clinical director. Learners can log into their programs from any computer with a high speed internet connection. Families, schools, clients - literally anyone on your educational team -  can book webcam meetings with Anna at no extra cost. We're with you every step of the way!

Visit SciLearn's Site for Parents

​Scientific Learning Company has created a site for parents. If you have additional questions, visit this helpful resource.