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How do I help my child learn to read?

Have you been dealing with tears and frustration? Is your child struggling in school? Do you want to help your child learn to read? We have an easy solution for you! Neuroplan offers online intervention that takes just 30 minutes a day.

Our Posts about Helping Children Learn to Read

Here is a collection of our blog posts on helping children learn to read. Click on any excerpt to read more.

Fast ForWord® FOUNDATIONS Series for Cognitive Skills
The two programs in the Fast ForWord FOUNDATIONS Series help children develop important cognitive skills for learning. Which skills are we talking about?[...]
Cognitive Skills: Fast ForWord® Foundations I
Fast ForWord Foundations I software helps children pay attention. If they can't listen quickly and accurately, it is difficult for them[...]
Cognitive Skills: Fast ForWord® Foundations II
Fast ForWord Foundations II matches sounds to letters. Some children are left behind in school because they don't have the[...]
Reading Assistant™ is Personalized Learning Software for Reading Fluency
Teachers in British Columbia are doing their best to implement the personalized learning initiative introduced by our provincial government. Personalized learning is[...]
Reading Assistant™ for Comprehension and Oral Fluency
Reading Assistant improves comprehension and oral fluency. Students use a headset to record their own reading. The software provides immediate 1:1[...]
Improve Literacy with Fast ForWord® READING
The four programs in the Fast ForWord READING series improve literacy in learners of all ages. They are ideal for people learning[...]
Fast ForWord® Reading Readiness
Fast ForWord Reading Readiness builds pre-reading skills, with a focus on letter recognition and naming, phonological awareness, and letter-sound associations.[...]
Fast ForWord® Reading Level 1
Fast ForWord Reading Level 1 exercises stimulate early reading intervention, with an emphasis on phonemic awareness, early decoding skills, vocabulary[...]
Fast ForWord® Reading Level 2
Fast ForWord Reading Level 2 software consolidates early childhood reading skills, with a focus on applying phonics and decoding strategies,[...]
Fast ForWord® Reading Level 3
Fast ForWord Reading Level 3 software builds on the Fast ForWord Reading Level 2 games by concentrating on reading knowledge and[...]

Is your child struggling to learn to read? Watch our video to find out how online treatment with Fast ForWord treats the source of the problems, not just the symptoms.