Improve Literacy with Fast ForWord® READING

online programs to improve readingThe first four programs in the Fast ForWord READING series improve literacy in learners of all ages. They are ideal for people learning to read and write.

Fast ForWord Reading Readiness Program

Fast ForWord Reading Level 1 Program

Fast ForWord Reading Level 2 Program

Fast ForWord Reading Level 3 Program

The final two programs in this series are suited to teens and adults. These advanced programs have a strong focus on comprehension, verbal reasoning and flexible thinking.

Fast ForWord Reading Level 4 Program

Fast ForWord Reading Level 5 Program

Like all the Fast ForWord programs, these programs are adaptive. This means they are customized for one student. Each person works at their own level and gets immediate feedback. These online reading programs create a strong foundation for written English.

Common Questions about our Online Reading Programs

learning disability treatmentDo these programs have a slowed auditory signal?

No, the auditory signal is presented at a normal speech rate in these programs.

Can students bypass the other programs and start with the reading programs?

It depends on the student. For example, students who are learning English and have no auditory processing difficulties in their first language can usually go straight to the reading programs.

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