Q: Can my child do Fast ForWord at school?

fast forword cost

A: Yes, Anna Krueger from Neuroplan can help your child do Fast ForWord at school. She knows all the potential pitfalls that kids and school staff can fall into. She can help you avoid problems and get the best outcomes. In addition, the Scientific Learning Company has created an exceptional program for oral language and reading […]

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Improving Auditory Processing in Autism

Auditory Processing in Autism

Anna Krueger talks about Autism TreatmentClick on the image below to start the video. Lisa Fraser, the host, conducted a series of interviews as a way to give parents access to useful information about autism. You can see the whole series of interviews at insidethespectrum.org. During the interview, Lisa asks Anna about her work as an online speech language […]

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Does white noise for babies have consequences?

White Noise For Babies

A grandfather was peering through the window of the newborn nursery at the hospital. His daughter had given birth the day before. Looking at little Ian, the grandfather saw his own round nose. There was no mistaking that this child was family.The maternity ward was too warm for his liking. He would keep his visit […]

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Q: Which Fast ForWord provider should I choose?

Anna Krueger

I’m a top clinical provider for Fast ForWord and Reading Assistant software in Canada. My name is Anna Krueger. I started out with a computer lab in my speech language pathology clinic. Now I do all my training and consultation by webcam. My clients use Fast ForWord and Reading Assistant online. They simply log into any computer […]

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Funding Sources for Neuroplan’s Services

telehealth funding sources

All funding sources that cover onsite speech language pathology services can be used for telehealth services. We work with clients across Canada. In Canada, speech language pathologists are certified at the national level and are qualified to work across the country. Speech Language Pathology Services and Funding Sources We use flat monthly rates for many of our […]

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The Brain that Changes Itself

The Brain That Changes Itself

Get a free copy of chapter 3 from Dr. Norman Doidge’s book, The Brain That Changes Itself.  In this book, Dr. Doidge presents fascinating evidence of how the brain can literally rewire itself throughout the lifespan, even into old age. Brain Plasticity: Brain that Changes Itself He shows how the brain is “plastic” and can change at any age, based on […]

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