How to Install the WordQ App for Chrome

WORDQ Improve Writing Skills

Did you know that you can improve writing skills with the Word-Q App for Google Chrome?  Here are the steps for purchasing and installing the Word Q App for Google Chrome.​You need a gmail account. If you don’t have a google account yet, you can set up one here: to the Quillsoft website to reach the public […]

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Get a Cost Estimate from Neuroplan

Cost Estimate Neuroplan

To get a quick cost estimate from Neuroplan Treatment Services, use the online form below. Answer a few questions about your needs and see our pricing options. We are an online service provider, helping people across Canada.  We don’t travel and none of our clients travel to see us. Instead of lengthy assessments, we do a […]

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Online Autism Treatment for Talking

Autism Treatment Gemiini video modeling provides help with talking

Neuroplan recommends Gemiini video modelling as an autism treatment to help with talking. It starts with lessons for non-verbal kids and moves all the way up to conversational speech. Gemiini is an online platform that gives Neuroplan the power to make and store highly individualized video modeling sessions for children. You simply log in, download […]

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How do I get the MySciLearn shortcut on my iPad?

Scientific Learning Products Logo

This is for my clients who are using Fast ForWord and Reading Assistant.

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Improve Attention Online with BrainWare Safari

Brainware Safari Logo

BrainWare Safari is an online program to improve attention and other key cognitive skills. It is not available for sale to the public because it requires professional oversight. Neuroplan is a clinical provider for BrainWare Safari in Canada. What is so Great about BrainWare Safari? It incorporates multidisciplinary clinical therapy techniques, refined over 40+ years in a […]

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How do I get access to Fast ForWord in Canada?

Anna Krueger

Neuroplan is a top clinical provider for Fast ForWord in Canada. My name is Anna Krueger. I’m a certified speech language pathologist and the Clinical Director of Neuroplan Treatment Services. When I was a university student, I did research on children in grade 2 who were having reading difficulties. I was stunned by the findings. The […]

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