Does brain training help struggling readers?

End frustration and stress with Fast ForWord treatment for LD and dyslexia

A: Yes, brain training games change the brain so that struggling readers can learn without frustration and stress. Neuroplan Treatment Services has online brain training software for students in the elementary and secondary grades.     The software we use is based on research in brain plasticity. Fast ForWord software has been scientifically proven to improve skills by […]

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Why do struggling readers get so frustrated?

online programs to improve reading

A: Struggling readers get frustrated because most reading interventions lack an emphasis on underlying cognitive skills. Inferior programs don’t provide the right help. Prerequisite brain skills are missing in some children because of genetic or environmental influences. What do struggling readers need? Underlying Cognitive Skills Neuroscience research has shown us that reading proficiency requires a […]

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Who is a good candidate for Fast ForWord®?

Teen Boys Comparing Homework

A: Fast ForWord brain training software is ideal for people who struggle with reading skills. Research has proven that students have had profound life-changing results from using Fast ForWord programs. Fast ForWord is for Ages 5 to Adult Children, teens and adults can use Fast ForWord to improve memory, attention, processing speed and sequencing. This gives them the […]

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Why does Fast ForWord sound so strange?

Online brain training for ADD/ADHD

A: The sounds in Fast ForWord are slowed down far below our normal speaking rate. This unique intervention improves speech perception and auditory processing. If you don’t understand how Fast ForWord works, your first impression might be negative. Because the speech signal is altered using computer technology, it sounds very distorted. The Fast ForWord Program uses […]

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What is Fast ForWord®?

Brain Dyslexia Fast Forword

A: Fast ForWord is brain training software that helps people overcome learning difficulties. Most tutoring programs only work around the underlying weaknesses. Fast ForWord gets to the source of the problem. It helps people overcome deficits in memory, attention, processing speed and sequencing. Fast ForWord is a computerized intervention that uses the principles of neuroplasticity to […]

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