The Brain that Changes Itself

The Brain That Changes Itself

Get a free copy of chapter 3 from Dr. Norman Doidge’s book, The Brain That Changes Itself.  In this book, Dr. Doidge presents fascinating evidence of how the brain can literally rewire itself throughout the lifespan, even into old age. Brain Plasticity: Brain that Changes Itself He shows how the brain is “plastic” and can change at any age, based on […]

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Why our clients love Neuroplan Treatment Services


Neuroplan Treatment Services works with people across Canada. We help people improve their brain skills, overcome problems and pursue their dreams! Our clinical director is a certified speech language pathologist. We like using software and apps to increase the intensity of therapy without driving up the cost.Why Choose Neuroplan’s Online Telehealth Services?You get access to […]

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Fast ForWord® Reading Level 3

reading level 3

Fast ForWord Reading Level 3 software builds on the Fast ForWord Reading Level 2 games by concentrating on reading knowledge and fluency, with a focus on phonology and spelling, morphological properties and complexity, syntactic complexity, vocabulary and comprehension. Accelerate Progress in Reading and Writing Fast ForWord Reading Level 3 software develops critical brain processing efficiency in […]

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Autism Treatment Improves Reading Comprehension

Autism Treatment

Does your child or student have autism? If you want help with the signs of autism, use our diagnostic checklist first. Then come back to this page. Discrete trial training (DTT) is particularly effective for teaching skills to children with autism. DTT was one of the very first interventions developed for autism and has extensive research […]

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Use our Free Diagnostic Checklist


Does Your Child Have Learning Problems?Do you feel frustrated whenever your child’s teacher assigns homework? Do you think, “Oh no, there goes my evening. There goes my weekend.” You will have to sit with your child and provide lots of 1:1 help. You know your child is smart, so why is your child having such […]

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Effective Online ADD ADHD Treatment Programs

treatment for add and adhd

What type of problems are you noticing?​If you haven’t used Neuroplan’s Diagnostic Checklist yet, fill it in and then come back to this page. Is it Attention Deficit Disorder? Attention Deficit Disorder or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADD/ADHD)is not under the umbrella of learning disabilities. It is a related disorder.  ​The main features of ADD/ADHD […]

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