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Neuroplan Online Programs to Improve Speaking

What type of problems are you noticing?

If you are looking for information on speech problems, use our diagnostic checklist first. Then come back to this page.​

Neuroplan offers a number of online programs to help people improve their oral communication in English.

Children, teens and adults with pronunciation problems and and expressive language difficulties need help with oral communication. Our speech language pathologist does a screening by webcam to help families and schools decide if speech language therapy is a good fit for them. Some of our therapy programs are done by webcam and others are done via online software. 

     So convenient!     

The easiest way to do speech language therapy!

Enter your email to go straight to the description of our telehealth speech language therapy service. We help people across Canada.

Adults who can read English but struggle with being understood also need help with oral communication. These people are often highly capable in their first language. They need access to affordable help. They have good computer skills and want to work on their goals intensively. We offer an online assessment, an online curriculum and unlimited consultation from a speech language pathologist by email, webcam and phone.

Online Programs To Improve Speaking