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Canada FlagAre you looking for an assessment for language, learning or speech? We offer screening assessments for children, teens and adults living in Canada.

Assessments by a Qualified Professional

Neuroplan Treatment Services is a Canadian telehealth company located in Delta, BC. We offer speech language pathology services by telehealth across Canada. Our clinical director is certified by Speech Language & Audiology Canada. Anna Krueger belongs to the College of Speech and Hearing Health Professionals of BC. When you register for a screening assessment, you get access to a qualified professional.

We offer several different screening assessments for language, learning and speech. These assessments answer three questions:

  1. How do the person’s skills compare to age expectations?
  2. What kind of help can Neuroplan offer?
  3. How much would it cost?

Read some examples of how families have found funding for our services.

What kind of assessment do you need?

1) A Child, Teen or Adult with Speech and Language Difficulties

We will start with a screening by webcam. We use the ZOOM cloud meetings app. It is free and works on most computers and tablets. This gives Anna a chance to observe the client and interact with the family. She will email you a personalized screening report which you can share with your doctor.

2) A Child, Teen or Adult with Reading or Learning Problems

We will provide a link and password to the Diagnostic Online Reading Assessment.

Information about the Diagnostic Online Reading Assessment
Do the test anytime, anywhere. This is an adaptive test which will adjust to the abilities of the person taking the test. If the questions get too difficult for the person, it will switch to a new task. This online assessment takes about 30 to 60 minutes. We will send you the results by email. After you have seen the results, you can book an online session to discuss your concerns with Anna.

Follow These Steps to Get Your Free Assessment

Step One: Online Registration and Consent


Our registration and consent form can be completed by adult clients, parents and legal guardians. Registration and Consent

Agencies, Schools, Employers, Government

You can send us an email to let us know that you are interested in our screening service. You don’t need a contract with Neuroplan. There is no obligation to purchase anything. Here is the link to the online registration and consent: Please share this link with people that you would like to refer to Neuroplan. The client or family are required to give consent before we get involved.

free language learning speech assessment

Step Two: Pick a Time for your Free Consult

Our online registration and consent form is all we need in order to process your referral. It reaches our office automatically when you use our website. You don’t need a doctor’s referral. You won’t spend time on a waiting list. We use an online appointment scheduler. Simply pick a time for your initial consult. We offer evening appointments. You can see Anna’s availability in your own time zone. Your confidential information is protected. If you or someone in your family will be doing the online reading assessment, wait a few days. We will process the referral and send you the link and password. After the student has completed the test, pick a time to discuss the results with Anna Krueger.   Pick a Time

Our online scheduler will send you a confirmation message with all the details about how to use the ZOOM cloud meetings app for your consult.

Step Three: Discuss your Concerns

Parents tell us that they love our consult by webcam because they can talk to Anna Krueger in the evening when both parents are available.

Step Four: Improvements that Last a Lifetime

We promise not to waste your time or money. Our therapy programs are intensive. We treat the source of the problem, not just the symptoms. Our clients get improvements that last a lifetime. Please visit our pricing page to get an idea of what we charge for our services.

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