Online Autism Treatment for Talking

Neuroplan recommends Gemiini video modelling as an autism treatment to help with talking. We also love the AVAZ AAC app.

Gemiini starts with lessons for non-verbal kids and moves all the way up to conversational speech. Gemiini is an online platform that gives Neuroplan the power to make and store highly individualized video modeling sessions for children. You simply log in, download and play the videos.

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Yes! Gemiini Can Help your Child with Autism Talk

Parent testimonials like the one below reveal that many children suddenly start talking when they are exposed to the lessons in Gemiini. Is it true? Yes! These are young children with speech delays, autism and Down syndrome. Gemiini has been evaluated in top academic journals by researchers from the University of Kentucky, the University of Toledo, Portland State, and Princeton University. Read some of the evidence.

Why does Gemiini get quicker results than traditional speech therapy?

  • Intensive schedule! Your child watches lessons several times a day, every day of the week. No speech language pathologist can offer that much service. 
  • No hassle! Your child doesn't need to sit still. You can download a lesson to an iPad and take it with you. Your child can watch it without wifi. It works in the car or in the grocery store. Traditional speech therapy often includes home practice but it can be hard to find the time to do it.
  • No need for compliance! No need to sit still. No need to give a response. You can simply have the Gemiini lessons playing on your TV while your child is nearby. In contrast, a therapy session without compliance is a waste of time. 
  • Gemiini teaches children to watch and listen! It uses a plain white background, shows close-ups of the mouth and adds meaningful sounds, pictures and actions. Each lesson is repeated at least 42 times. This high level of consistency and predictability works well for children with speech delays, autism and Down syndrome. It isn't possible for any of us to do this in human interactions.
  • Gemiini stimulates imitation because of the intensity, consistency and predictability! Children start imitating actions, sounds and words.
  • Adults start to hear words and respond enthusiastically! Your child's speech will be imprecise at first. You might hear "uh" for "up." Gemiini provides context so that you can guess at what your child is trying to say. You repeat back the word "up" and lift up your child. This interaction is vital for learning language. Kids make fast progress because the learning is happening dynamically in daily life. 

Gemiini was Created by a Mother of Twins with Autism

Meet the founder of Gemiini, Laura Kaspar. She created Gemiini because her son with autism wasn't making progress in traditional therapy.


The AVAZ Alternative and Augmentative Communication App works on an iPad. You can download a free 2-week trial of the AVAZ AAC App from the developer.

We show you how to use this app with your child to reduce frustration immediately. You can use this app to teach your child to communicate with picture symbols. The app grows with your child, getting more advanced as your child's language gets more advanced.


How Much Does Early Autism Treatment Cost?

We offer a therapy package which gives you unlimited access to customized Gemiini lessons for your child, plus webcam sessions  with Anna Krueger, a certified speech language pathologist. You don't have to figure out which of the more than 100,000 videos is right for your child.

You get a lifetime subscription to the AVAZ AAC APP.

You don't pay any license fees. We do that for you.  We design the therapy program and help you use it. Start by using our online form to get a quick cost estimate

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