Does Neuroplan offer an online reading assessment?

Get a free online reading assessment from Neuroplan Treatment Services

Yes, we provide the Diagnostic Online Reading Assessment as a screening assessment for new referrals to our Intensive Online Intervention for Cognitive Skills and Literacy.

There is no wait-list and no need to drive anywhere!

The Diagnostic Online Reading Assessment is for ages five to adult. To get started, please use our online registration form.

Registration and Consent

If you have already completed the Diagnostic Online Reading Assessment, please go ahead and book a time for on online session with Anna Krueger. She would like to go over the results with you.

Benefits of Neuroplan’s Online Assessment for Language and Reading

  1. This is an objective test, not just a checklist.
  2. You can take the test at  home, on your own computer.
  3. You are not stuck on a wait-list, hoping that someone will consider your needs a priority.
  4. You get quick access to Anna Krueger. She is qualified professional who will explain the results and take the time to listen to your concerns.
  5. You get a written report.

Common Questions about the Diagnostic Online Reading Assessment

Can I share the results with my school? Yes. We will email you a one-page summary of the results of the Diagnostic Online Reading Assessment and a longer, more detailed report. You can share these with anyone you like.

Is this test going to provide a valid result? Yes. It was developed by experts in literacy and child development at the University of California, Berkeley. The Diagnostic Online Reading Assessment provides a profile of language and literacy skills, and compares these to grade-level expectations. Adults are compared to grade 12 expectations. It is able to adjust to the student’s level. An older student with emerging literacy skills will not be overwhelmed by the test.

Why does Neuroplan use this test? We like to use the Diagnostic Online Reading Assessment before and after therapy. It provides a summary report that shows the student’s profile of skills. From this profile, we can design an online therapy program that is a good fit. We try to re-test about once a year, even if you have not purchased a therapy program from us. We get outcome data which proves that our therapy programs produce remarkable results.

Is this test like a psycho-education assessment? No. A psycho-educational assessment looks at a person’s thinking skills and academic skills and compares them. If there is a large gap between actual performance and potential performance, then the person can be diagnosed with a learning disability. These standardized tests have a valuable function; namely, they help to secure funding and services. They can be discouraging reports to read.

How is this test different from a psycho-educational assessment?  The Diagnostic Online Reading Assessment is a criterion-based test. Imagine a long list of language and literacy skills. The one-page summary shows how the person is doing in mastering the necessary skills. Even if you never purchase a therapy program from us, you will gain a good understanding of the student’s profile. The experts at the University of California, Berkeley have added many pages of instructional strategies to their long report, making this a very positive, helpful assessment.

How do I open the assessment? You must have high-speed Internet access on your computer. Neuroplan will send you a personal link and login.

What else should I know?  Completing the Diagnostic Online Reading Assessment takes about 30 minutes for younger students and about an hour for older students. It tends to be a bit glitchy, so hit refresh if necessary. The graphics in this test are a much lower quality than the graphics in most of our online therapy programs. If the picture freezes, don’t give up. Just exit and then log back in.

At the end there may be some stories to read, and then the computer voice presents some questions and multiple choice answers. People can often guess the correct answer to these questions even if the story is too hard. Encourage the student to go slowly and keep trying. It will save automatically, so it is not necessary to do the whole assessment in one session. If the student asks you for help, just give a vague response like “You are allowed to guess. Give it a try.”

How do I get the results? You can’t view them automatically. Once the student has finished taking the test, please send an email to us ( We will contact you to provide the results and discuss your concerns.

How much will this cost? We offer the Diagnostic Online Reading Assessment for free for new referrals to our Intensive Online Intervention for Cognitive Skills and Literacy. Our therapy packages include retesting once a year.

We will process your referral within a few days and send you a personal email with a login and password for the test. Remember to check your junk folder for messages from Anna Krueger at Neuroplan Treatment Services.


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