Online Speech Language Therapy

speech language therapyOur online speech language therapy services are for children, teens and adults.  We use webcam sessions to provide individual therapy.

  • This is much less expensive than having a speech-language pathologist travel to your home.
  • Telehealth sessions are convenient for your family.
  • Our approach is innovative and fun.

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Registration and Consent

Neuroplan’s Service Plan for Online Speech Language Therapy

Webcam Sessions: You get a free screening, a planning session for the adults, and seven therapy sessions for the student.

Therapy Materials: You get a custom curriculum to help you practice between sessions. This is sent to you by email. This is only for the client and the client’s family.

Documentation and Communication: In addition to the scheduled appointments, everyone involved gets unlimited access to the speech language pathologist by email and phone. We use short templates for our reports. You get a screening report, a treatment plan and a progress report.

Free Screening

The free speech screening answers three questions:

  1. How do the person’s skills compare to age expectations?
  2. What kind of help can Neuroplan offer?
  3. How much will it cost?

The screening report is sent to you as an email attachment.This can be shared with your school, your treatment team, your doctor and so on. It’s totally up to you. If a funding agency is involved, we ask for your consent to send it to your funding agency.

Our treatment plan and progress note are distributed the same way.

Planning Session and Treatment Plan

Set Goals: Children do not participate in the first session. Instead, the adults and the speech language pathologist (i.e. SLP) agree on a few goals.

Create a Practice Schedule: During the first session, the adults create a practice schedule that is feasible for the student. Whenever possible, we aim for 30 minutes a day.

It is also important to identify who will be involved and how to make sure that this person is consistently available. This can be a challenge for parents of young children. Our planning session helps to prepare the family so that therapy can implemented successfully.

Identify Materials Needed: Our treatment plan outlines the goals and practice schedule. It also identifies the materials that will be needed. Neuroplan will provide a custom curriculum. This is usually done as email attachments, session by session. We expect the client to have access to materials such as a binder, flashlight, mirror, toys and books.

30 Minute Sessions by Webcam

A 30 minute session gives you 20 minutes of direct therapy with our speech language pathologist. You also get 5 minutes of consultation between an adult and the SLP. This can be a parent, caregiver or other team member. They discuss any issues that came up during the session. The final 5 minutes is used for documentation.

One Progress Note every Eight Sessions

During sessions 2 to 8, the SLP uses 5 minutes to document progress toward the goals. She enters confidential notes in the clinical file. Every eight sessions, she creates a written progress note.

The cycle repeats every eight sessions. This ensures that speech language therapy aligns with the family’s values and goals.

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