Reading Assistant™ is Personalized Learning Software for Reading Fluency

Teachers in British Columbia are doing their best to implement the personalized learning initiative introduced by our provincial government.

Personalized learning is student-centred education tailored to each student’s unique set of interests, learning styles, strengths and needs (BC Ministry of Education).

Implementing Personalized Learning

In today’s classrooms, it’s difficult for teachers to give learners all the one-on-one reading support they need.

One of the consequences of the  new personalized learning curriculum will be that teaching assistants, parents and volunteers will be recruited to provide individualized support to learners.

Will all these adults be trained to provide the right kind of help, with the right intensity? Will they know what to do when students are struggling?

Software that Provides Interactive Tutoring

reading-assistant-tech-learning-awardReading Assistant software can help, acting as a personal, interactive reading tutor to give learners the practice and support they need to improve their skills.

Because Reading Assistant is online, it can be used across multiple settings, integrating the efforts of the school and the family.

You Never Miss a Teachable Moment

Reading Assistant is the only online reading tool that uses advanced speech recognition technology to support and correct students as they read aloud – never missing a teachable moment. No other e-book or program provides students with comparable support. With the help of Reading Assistant, students can build reading comprehension and fluency.

What will Students be Reading?

personalized-learning-girlReading Assistant software was developed in the United States. The stories are in English. Professional voice actors were used to create the audio files for each story.


Designed to improve Reading Comprehension and Fluency in all Ages

The stories in Reading Assistant range from the kindergarten to grade 12 level. Readers of diverse ages and ability levels can use this software.

Learners who are just beginning to decode are not ready for Reading Assistant. It is designed for those who can read at least 25 words correct per minute.

Reading Assistant is particularly helpful for students who have difficulties with listening, attention and comprehension. It can help adults learn English. The software provides exactly the right level of feedback.

Learners who are gifted are also a good fit. The adaptive content is deep and wide. The software can determine their level and offer them advanced reading passages. The stories are linked to an extensive glossary with video clips.

Auditory Feedback for Personalized Learning

Initially, many students are surprised that the software is pointing out their mistakes and asking them to read words correctly. They actually hear the software telling them the correct pronunciation for difficult words.

Visual Feedback for Personalized Learning

After learners have done a recording of a reading passage, the software shows them a colour coded version of the passage. Words and phrases that need work are highlighted in colour. In just a short time, students develop internal motivation and make rapid improvements. The data gives them concrete proof of their success!

Teens and adult like being able to work on their skills on their own.

Reading Assistant is not for sale in stores or on the Internet. Neuroplan Treatment Services is one of Canada’s top clinical providers for this software program.

We provide a free online reading assessment for anyone interested in trying Reading Assistant. To get started, please use our online registration and consent form.

If you have questions, please contact us.

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