Neuroplan’s Program Pricing and Policies

​What makes Neuroplan's services so cost effective?

We don't waste time in travel

Most speech language pathologists (SLPs) have large caseloads that are spread over an enormous geographical area. A lot of time is spent travelling to clients and that cost has to be covered by the employer or the funder. In contrast, all of Neuroplan's services are online. Not one cent is wasted on travel costs! 

We get very few no shows

Our telehealth service delivery makes expert help available to people who live in remote locations or have difficult scheduling needs. Our online appointment scheduler lets people pick a time that works for them. They get reminders by email. It is simple to cancel or reschedule. As a result, our clients attend their appointments faithfully and we have very few no shows.

We provide intensive therapy without driving up the cost

We like using software and apps in therapy to give our clients daily practice. We only bill for the time required by the speech language pathologist. This is just a few hours a month. We do not charge for the time the learner is spending in computer-based therapy. This ranges from 12 to 90 hours a month.

There are no unexpected fees

We don’t charge any software license fees. We cover all the expenses.

We start at the right level

Many of our clients score 3 to 5 years below grade level when they start with Neuroplan. Our screening with the Diagnostic Online Reading Test will give you a clear picture of the student's skills compared to grade level expectations.

Parents who are spending countless hours helping their children with homework know that the gap just keeps getting wider. The stress at home and at school can be extremely high when the work is at the wrong level. In contrast, our online programs start at the right level.

We get a commitment before we start 

We expect our clients to use their online programs for 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week. More hours than this is even better. Teens and adults can set a goal of 50 to 90 minutes a day. You get an individual license that cannot be transferred or shared. In most cases, we start with a 6 month contract with the option to continue. It is similar to buying a magazine subscription. Neuroplan will faithfully deliver the magazine, but it is up to you to read the magazine. Our contracts are non-refundable.

We encourage families and schools to cooperate in creating a 6 to 12 month window of time in which other demands are drastically reduced so that the client can focus on intervention.

  1. Eliminate assignments that cannot be completed independently at school: You can share Neuroplan's screening report with your child's teacher. You can talk to the principal or school-based team. If you want to do intervention at home, explain your goal to the school. You may need to sign something saying that your child's curriculum at school will be adapted for now. Be very clear that all school assignments should stay at school, not be sent home. Initially, this may feel confrontational. In actual fact, you are being vulnerable. You are being honest about the problems and asking for a reprieve from unrealistic demands.
  2. Eliminate other lessons: Does your child participate in music lessons or tutoring? What about swimming lessons and sports teams? Try to clear your child's schedule.
  3. Find an adult facilitator who will be available daily: Children and teens need help getting started with our online programs. At first, an adult facilitator will need to sit beside the student. If you can't do it, ask for help from your school or hire a helper.

By being very clear about setting the stage for success, we get results. Our personalized, intensive method is based on neuroscience research which has proven that the brain is plastic. With dedicated effort, you can expect life-changing results!

Improve Brain Skills

  • Memory
  • Attention
  • Processing Speed
  • Sequencing
  • Auditory Processing
  • Visual Processing

Overcome Problems

  • Dyslexia
  • Learning Disabilities
  • Autism
  • Attention Deficit Disorder
  • Poor English 
  • Stuttering and Stammering
  • Unclear Speech & Foreign Accents


  • Accurate Listening
  • Strong English Comprehension
  • Proper English Grammar
  • Well Developed Vocabulary
  • Clear Speech; Good Pronunciation
  • Fluent Speech
  • Excellent Reading Skills

Our Online Therapy Programs and Services

Telehealth Ipad Child

Speech Language Therapy by Webcam​

We offer individual speech language therapy sessions by webcam to help children, teens and adults improve their speech and language abilities. Frustrations melt away and social relationships improve!

$500 for 8 sessions

Therapy for one person. Includes a written treatment plan and a progress report. 

From Reading Acquisition to Advanced Literacy

We offer online software that helps people overcome language, reading and learning difficulties. Our scientifically proven programs produce lifelong improvements in listening comprehension, reading comprehension, spelling and written output! 

$250 to $500 a month

6 to 12 Month Contract

Girl Dyslexia Treatment
treatment processing disorders

Autism Intervention & Collaboration with Treatment Teams

We offer online software, webcam sessions and team collaboration to help children with communication disorders build the cognitive skills they need. The child's life gets better and so does yours!

$325 to $750 a month

6 to 12 Month Contract

fast forword online brain training making a teen boy smile

ADD ADHD and Cognitive Function

Recover from a concussion or brain injury.  Handle daily demands and get your life back!

Improve your attention and become better at multi-tasking and quick decision-making. Become a better athlete, a better student and a better leader.

$125 a month

4 Month Contract

Funding Sources

Any funding source that covers speech language pathology services can be used for telehealth service delivery.

In Canada, the current requirement for telehealth service delivery is to follow the licensure requirements for the location of the professional, rather than the location of the client. Anna Krueger is located in British Columbia, which has more stringent requirements than most other provinces. She is a certified speech language pathologist, qualified to provide help to people living anywhere in Canada.

Read about funding sources.

Employee Benefits Extended Health Insurance

Speech language pathology services are not covered by the Medical Services Plan. Assessment and therapy are covered by some extended health insurance plans offered by employers. Usually the plan will have a yearly limit or a per session limit.

Revenue Canada Medical Expense

Even if you don't have any coverage, keep your receipts for tax purposes. Speech-language pathologists are considered health care providers in most provinces. You can submit your receipts as a health care expense.

Neuroplan's Policies

Our Services are Tax Exempt

Neuroplan Treatment Services is a private practice in speech language pathology. Healthcare providers are not required to charge any taxes.

Credit Card Auto-Payments for Families

This site does not have a shopping cart. We issue professional invoices from a secure server. If you are interested in one of our programs, we will collect a prepayment or set up a monthly auto-pay for the duration of your contract. 

program pricing

Receipts for Reimbursement from Extended Health Insurance Companies

Prepayment invoices do not meet the requirements of most insurance agencies because there are no dates of service documented on the invoice. Please wait if you are submitting receipts for reimbursement. Neuroplan will update your invoice to show the dates of service by our staff. 

We Can Invoice Funding Agencies Directly

If you have access to funding, please let us know. We can help you with the paperwork. We can invoice funding agencies directly.

We Do Not Provide Refunds

The results you get from a therapy program are dependant upon your effort and commitment. We provide clinical receipts showing the dates of our service. You can use this to get a reimbursement from a funding source. You can also use our receipts for tax purposes. It would be unethical for us to provide a refund.

We purchase custom materials and software licenses for your therapy program. We cannot use these custom materials with another client.

We are counting on you to keep your commitment to therapy. By having a "no refunds" policy, we make our expectation clear.

Valid for 12 Months

If you will be unable to access the Internet due to travel or illness, please let us know in advance. Your payments can be applied anytime within 12 months of purchase, with the exception of our summer programs which end in the fall.