Reading Aloud Software is Better than Tutoring

Reading aloud software beats tutoring in terms of costs, convenience and results. The reading aloud software we use at Neuroplan is called Reading Assistant. 

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Studies show that access to books during the summer prevents a drastic loss in reading skill, especially for kids in need. Unfortunately, it is difficult to motivate struggling readers to pick up those books and actually read them! 

Reading Assistant uses speech recognition technology to listen, respond and teach. This highly effective software is a Reader's Choice Award Winner. Reading Assistant earned a Silver Award in the “Best Adaptive/Personalized Learning Tool” category, which honors products for delivering just the right learning experience to the student at the moment it’s needed. Reading Assistant is the only tool that uses speech recognition technology to support and correct learners as they read aloud, building reading fluency and comprehension with the help of a supportive listener. No other program or e-book provides comparable real-time guidance and feedback.

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Why You Will Love Reading Assistant

  • You don't have to drive to a learning centre or clinic.
  • You don't have to sign out books, bring them home, search for them and remember to return them on time.
  • You will know exactly how many books your child has completed, the titles and the authors.
  • You will even know how much time your child has spent reading.
  • You will be able to tell if your child was making errors while reading.
  • You won't have to correct your child's errors because our software will do that for you.
  • You won't have to deal with tears and frustration because the books will be at the right level.
  • You will get weekly progress reports by email.
  • Reading Assistant works! The improvements are lifelong.

Online Reading Intervention with Reading Assistant

Reading Assistant is online reading intervention software based on neuroscience research. Reading Assistant is not sold in stores or on the internet because it requires professional oversight. Neuroplan Treatment Services is a clinical provider for the Scientific Learning Company, the creators of Reading Assistant intervention.

Video Tutorial: How to Use Reading Assistant​

Reading Assistant Summer Program 2017

Sign up for our summer program, taking place in July and August 2017. 

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Reading Assistant is done online using a computer or iPad. It will improve reading fluency and comprehension in just 30 minutes a day. The stories range from the grade 1 to the grade 12 level. You can take it with you wherever you go this summer.