Reading Assistant™ Online is Like Guided Reading

Boy Using Reading Assistant

Reading Assistant lets students use a headset to record their own reading. It provides immediate coaching.

Reading Assistant lets students use a headset to record their own reading. The software provides immediate 1:1 coaching.

Reading Assistant is Affordable and Comprehensive

The support that Reading Assistant offers is based on the same principles as the “guided reading” approach. It is easier to implement and has some other advantages.

Obviously, having a trained teacher or tutor offering 1:1 coaching is very expensive. Some school districts rely on parent volunteers for their guided reading programs. These programs don’t usually extended beyond the primary grades.

Reading Assistant is an alternative that doesn’t require a trained teacher or tutor, it is affordable and it provides stories that span from Kindergarten to grade 12.

Reading Assistant is stress-free way for families to add a home reading program to a busy schedule. Children can use it without any help from a parent.

In some cases, we recommend combining Reading Assistant with speech therapy This is because Reading Assistant boosts oral language skills unlike any other program we have come across. We have had good results using it with people who stutter because the program provides feedback on the person’s Words Correct Per Minute. It helps people slow down and practice the techniques they are learning in speech therapy.

Reading Assistant Provides 1:1 Coaching

Correct Modelling

All the stories are read to the student by a professional voice actor. The student can see the words and pictures on the screen and follow along as the text is highlighted. The actor uses expression to make the stories interesting.

Think About It

After listening to the story, the student gets a chance to click on some light bulb icons in the story. These are questions that help the student think about the story.

Glossary of Definitions, Pictures and Videos

The glossary in Reading Assistant can be toggled on or off. When it is on, the student can see underlined words in the text. These are links to the glossary. When the student clicks on a link, the software says the word slowly and provides a definition. Sometimes a picture or video accompanies the definition.

Help with Decoding

The first time recording a story is always the hardest. When the student can’t decode a difficult word, the software will detect the long silence and will say the word to the student. The student can record the same story more than once.

Help with Reading Errors

When a student makes a reading error, the software will color code that word on the screen. It will also remind the student to go back and try to read the word correctly. At first, this can be aggravating! It may be the first time in their lives that they are getting such clear feedback on their reading errors. The good news is that they get over their initial reaction and become confident readers.

Help with Mispronunciations, Accents and Fluency

The Reading Assistant software is sensitive enough to detect speech problems and accents. This makes it a very useful tool for people who want to master the English language. It helps students read more slowly, more clearly and with more expression. These skills readily transfer to their spoken language.

Comprehension Quiz

After completing the recording, the student is required to answer a few comprehension questions.

Feedback and More Chances

One of the reasons Reading Assistant is so effective is the immediate feedback.  There is also a scoring system and a feedback report. The student can go back and do the story again.

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