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Canada FlagThank you for your interest in our services. We use software, apps and webcam sessions to help children, teens and adults improve cognitive skills, literacy and conversation.

Neuroplan Treatment Services is a telehealth practice in the field of speech language pathology. Our clinical director, Anna Krueger, is a certified by Speech-Language and Audiology Canada. We provide help to people across Canada.

Our receipts can be used as a medical tax deduction with Revenue Canada. Many families are able to use extended health insurance, educational grants and government funding for our services. Read some examples.

Register Now without Making any Payments

Use the form below for each person you would like to refer. We don’t collect any payment with the form. The purpose is to get some background information and consent to provide services. This will help us answer your questions.

Contact Information You Will Need

The form is several pages and takes 5 to 10 minutes. You can stop part-way and save.

fast forword online brain training making a teen boy smileIn order for this consent to be valid, the first part should be filled out by the client and client’s family.

If you are from an agency, you can assist families by making sure they have the following contact details. If you prefer, you can have the parent do the first part and then save the form. Our website will email them a link to continue the form. The parent can forward this email to you. You can click on the link and enter the agency and billing contacts. Once you submit the form, we will be able to respond to the referral.

Required: Name, address, email and phone for the legal guardian or adult client.

Optional: Name, address, email and phone for another family member or friend

Optional: Name, email and phone of the family doctor

Optional: Name, email and phone of a school contact

Required: Name, address and email of a billing contact.