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Telepractice Way Clients

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For Help with Language, Reading or Learning

If you are looking for help with language, reading or learning, we will give you access to the Diagnostic Online Reading Assessment. It may take us a few business days to process your referral. We will send you an email with a link and a password for the assessment. It is important to complete the assessment before booking your first appointment.

For Help with Speech, Articulation, Pronunciation or Stuttering

For other concerns, go ahead and book your screening consultation. This is included in our therapy packages. It is free if you decide not to purchase any services from Neuroplan.

Online Speech Language Therapy

Telehealth Team Session


We use the Zoom cloud meetings app for our online sessions. It works on computers, tablets and phones.

Our Online Sessions Differ from Traditional Sessions

Traditional Speech Language Therapy Sessions

  • Not frequent enough
  • Has to be done face to face at a specific place; people who live in remote locations may not have any access to a speech language pathologist
  • Parents have to arrange childcare for siblings or stay in the waiting room with them
  • Difficult for parents to observe the session if the clinic is not set up for this
  • Difficult to get appointments in the evening
  • Long sessions that are expensive
  • It takes a lot of effort and planning to hold team meetings for goal setting and collaboration

Online Speech Language Therapy Sessions

  • You create your own schedule 
  • Can be done from any location with an internet connection; people who need speech language therapy can get it
  • Parents don't need to arrange childcare for siblings; other children can be nearby
  • Easy for parents to observe the session; sessions can even be recorded and shared with others
  • Easy to get appointments in the evening
  • Short sessions that are affordable
  • It is effortless for busy team members who live in different locations to collaborate online

Online Programs

Our intensive brain-based treatment programs differ from tutoring or learning assistance. 

learning difficulties can be overcome

Tutoring or Learning Assistance

  • Not frequent enough
  • Has to be done face to face at a specific time and place
  • Lots of inconsistency in the methods used; learners can waste time subjected to unproven methods
  • The goal is to reteach concepts that the learner has failed to learn in the classroom
  • Adults get frustrated or exhausted when the learner needs a lot of repetition and intensity. They give up too soon and learners stay stuck.
  • It goes on for years, sometimes without improvement

Intensive Brain-Based Treatment Programs

  • Online access makes it easy to do every day
  • Can be done anytime, anywhere
  • Designed by top researchers from the fields of linguistics and neuroscience; scientifically proven
  • The goal is to improve underlying cognitive skills so that the learner can pay attention and learn.
  • The adaptive software stays at exactly the right level providing repetition and intensity. This reorganizes the brain and unlocks the learner's potential.
  • Dramatic improvement in a short amount of time