Does repetition help the brain form connections?

A: Yes, science has proven that repetition creates thick neural connections. In recent years, there we have learned a lot about how the brain works.

Repetition is one of the distinctive features of the Fast ForWord software programs that we use at Neuroplan Treatment Services. This repetition changes the brain. The improvements are permanent.


Repetition in Fast ForWord Builds Neural Connections

All of Neuroplan’s online therapy programs help to establish the organized, efficient neural connections in the brain that are needed for academic success. To accomplish this, the Fast ForWord software presents a question or task and keeps track of the response. If the student does not provide an accurate response, the student hears a “bonk” tone. Sometimes the student is shown the correct answer. The same question is repeated a few minutes later. This approach is called “discrete trial training.”

Once the student is accurate, the speech signal speeds up. The questions stay the same. Now the goal is to stay accurate at a faster speed.

Some children with attention deficits and processing impairments need an incredibly high level of repetition in order to become fast and accurate. As adults, we think the online therapy software is overly repetitious. We would never need that much repetition in order to learn a new concept, remember it and reproduce it. Teachers, tutors and parents get frustrated after having to repeat information a few times. Teachers have a limited time to get through the curriculum. Classrooms are full of students who catch on quickly.

A major advantage of online therapy is that the individual student sets the pace. Software programs don’t get hostile or frustrated. Fast ForWord brain training software keeps going. It is highly customized to provide exactly what the brain needs in order to build neural connections.

Frequently Asked Questions about Fast ForWord

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