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Success Reading Assistant Plus

To get the biggest benefit from our programs, create a quiet environment for your child.

Fast ForWord requires headphones and Reading Assistant Plus requires a USB headset with a boom mike. 

Anna Krueger, the Clinical Director of Neuroplan, will provide consultation by email. If you need a help, please send an email to

Download your BONUS, the English Literacy Chart. Just click on the image to open the download.

English Literacy Chart

Online Programs

Our intensive brain-based treatment programs differ from tutoring or learning assistance. 

learning difficulties can be overcome

Tutoring or Learning Assistance

  • Not frequent enough
  • Has to be done face to face at a specific time and place
  • Lots of inconsistency in the methods used; learners can waste time subjected to unproven methods
  • The goal is to reteach concepts that the learner has failed to learn in the classroom
  • Adults get frustrated or exhausted when the learner needs a lot of repetition and intensity. They give up too soon and learners stay stuck.
  • It goes on for years, sometimes without improvement

Intensive Brain-Based Treatment Programs

  • Online access makes it easy to do every day
  • Can be done anytime, anywhere
  • Designed by top researchers from the fields of linguistics and neuroscience; scientifically proven
  • The goal is to improve underlying cognitive skills so that the learner can pay attention and learn.
  • The adaptive software stays at exactly the right level providing repetition and intensity. This reorganizes the brain and unlocks the learner's potential.
  • Dramatic improvement in a short amount of time