Diagnostic Checklist: Speech, Language, Learning

This checklist is a tool to help parents and school staff. It is not intended to replace a diagnostic assessment. Neuroplan Treatment Services is a Canadian speech language pathology company. If you live in Canada, Anna Krueger, a certified speech language pathologist, would be happy to follow up with you personally in a FREE webcam session. We make it easy to get answers from a qualified professional without the hassle of a waitlist.

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  • Signs of poor oral communication
  • Signs of poor listening and attention
  • Signs of language processing disorder and dyslexia
  • Signs of learning disabilities
  • Signs of autism

Are you concerned about a family member or student? Are you wondering about a diagnosis? Start by using this checklist to identify the problems.

Diagnostic Checklist for Speech, Language and Learning

Check all the signs that apply to the person you are worried about. Your responses will be emailed back to you. Your confidential information is protected.

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  • Baseline Profile

    This section covers the influences that have shaped the person's profile of strengths and weaknesses.
  • For example, enter the name of your child or student. If you are an adult looking for help, enter your own name.
  • "Family history" refers to the person's relatives. Go back one or two generations. Think about parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles. Also consider the people in the same generation, such as siblings and cousins.