Spring Break 2022 Online Reading Programs

Get a Rare Sneak Peek of our Online Reading Programs!

Neuroplan Treatment Services is offering Canadians a sneak peek of our online reading programs, Reading Assistant Plus and Fast ForWord.

sneak peek of online reading programs for Spring Break 2022
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If you live in Canada, you are in luck! (Sorry our programs are not available outside of Canada.) For the first time ever, Neuroplan has a small number of licenses available for Spring 2022. This limited inventory of licenses will expire in April.

If you have heard of these programs but have never seen these online reading programs in action, this is the right time to sign up. If you are a previous client, you already know that intensive intervention produces life-changing results.


Reading Assistant Plus


Reading Assistant Plus 30 Min Day

Choose Reading Assistant Plus if your child is able to read at the grade 2 level or higher. This online reading program improves comprehension and fluency. It is not for children who can’t read yet.

Each Reading Assistant Plus license is for a single user. Recordings of the child’s voice are used to generate progress data.

Boost reading skills in just 30 minutes a day! I minimum of 5 days a week are required. Your child gets unlimited access to custom reading selections at just the right level.


Fast ForWord


2022 fast forword online

The Fast ForWord online programs programs are ideal for children who struggle in school. The early programs are for non-readers and the more advanced programs are for students who struggle with English literacy.

Each Fast ForWord license is for a single user. Trying to share a license between siblings won’t work because levels close permanently as the user advances.

Get quick gains for struggling learners in just 50 minutes a day! A minimum of 5 days a week is required. Your child gets unlimited access to computerized learning games.

Register for a Sneak Peak of Neuroplan’s Online Reading Programs

Use the form below to register one child at a time. If you want to register several children, fill in the form more than once.

Step One: Register and Collect your Bonus

After you fill in the registration form below, a confirmation page will open. A BONUS will be available on the confirmation page. Go ahead and download Neuroplan’s newly revised English Literacy Chart. The download comes with full instructions on how to use the chart to help your child with reading and spelling.


Get the English Literacy Chart as a Bonus

Full Product Suite Mock Ups

Step Two: Pay your Invoice Promptly Please

This site does not have a shopping cart. Look for an email from Neuroplan. We will email you an invoice, based on the options that you selected. Please pay this promptly to secure access to a license before we run out of inventory.

Step Three: Onboarding Email

You will get an email with the login details for your online reading programs. There will be some instructions on how to get started. Anna Krueger from Neuroplan will provide unlimited support by email. Just send her a message if you have questions.

Registration Details

Pick your Options

You can select one or two specific weeks, or get the best deal by selecting an entire month.

You can select either Reading Assistant Plus or Fast ForWord. If you want your child to spend more time doing intervention, go ahead and log into the daily protocol more than once.

If you have at least 1/2 day available for a week or more, you might be interested in registering for both online programs, Reading Assistant Plus and Fast ForWord.

If you are interested in taking a sneak peek at Fast ForWord or Reading Assistant Plus, or both… ACT NOW!

Links with More Information

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