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Anna Krueger, Certified Speech Language Pathologist

anna krueger

Anna Krueger is the clinical director of Neuroplan Treatment Services. She is a certified speech language pathologist.

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Literacy Apps

Our personalized learning software lets you work at your own pace. We give you access to neuroscience based programs that produce dramatic results. We can help you improve attention, literacy and conversation skills! Find out more.

Online Speech Therapy

Our telepractice speech therapy service is an easy way to get professional help. These services are for children, teens and adults living in Canada.

To refer a client, the parent or legal guardian should start by filling in our online consent and registration form.

Online Course: R Therapy without the Agony

Anna has created an online course for speech language pathologists called, R Therapy without the Agony. You don’t have to live in Canada to take this course. To find out more, watch the webinar.

Free Webinar: Six Reasons for Agony with R