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Improve Attention Online with BrainWare Safari

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BrainWare Safari is an online program to improve attention and other key cognitive skills. It is not available for sale to the public because it requires professional oversight. Neuroplan is a clinical provider for BrainWare Safari in Canada. What is so Great about BrainWare Safari? It incorporates multidisciplinary clinical therapy techniques, refined over 40+ years in a […]

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Effective Online ADD ADHD Treatment Programs

treatment for add and adhd

What type of problems are you noticing?​If you haven’t used Neuroplan’s Diagnostic Checklist yet, fill it in and then come back to this page. Is it Attention Deficit Disorder? Attention Deficit Disorder or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADD/ADHD)is not under the umbrella of learning disabilities. It is a related disorder.  ​The main features of ADD/ADHD […]

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Cognitive Skills: Fast ForWord® Foundations II

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Fast ForWord Foundations II matches sounds to letters. Some children are left behind in school because they don’t have the underlying cognitive skills to do this quickly and easily. This program emphasizes the link between spoken and written language to guide students to become good readers. Resolve Underlying Brain-Based Problems Fast ForWord Foundations II develops critical brain […]

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Cognitive Skills: Fast ForWord® Foundations I

Fast Forword Foundations I

Fast ForWord Foundations I software helps children pay attention. If they can’t listen quickly and accurately, it is difficult for them to learn to read and write. Some children who are poor listeners are able to rely on their visual memory at first. Unfortunately, by the time they are in grade 3 or 4, the memory […]

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Fast ForWord® FOUNDATIONS Series for Cognitive Skills

Struggling students online solutions

The two programs in the Fast ForWord FOUNDATIONS Series help children develop important cognitive skills for learning. Which skills are we talking about? The necessary skills are phonological awareness, processing, attention, automaticity, memory and sequencing. There are two programs in the Fast ForWord Language Series. The graphics, vocabulary and stories are aimed at children. Teens who are ready […]

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Is this ADD ADHD treatment without medication?

strong sustained attention

Are you looking for ADD ADHD treatment without medication? Did you know that kids spend 45% of a typical school day listening, and 85% of their knowledge should be gained through listening? If you feel like you’re constantly repeating information for your child (they aren’t attending), if your child can be described as “spacy” or unfocused, if your child has trouble […]

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