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Online Autism Treatment for Talking

Autism Treatment Gemiini video modeling provides help with talking

Neuroplan recommends Gemiini video modelling as an autism treatment to help with talking. We also love the AVAZ AAC app.Gemiini starts with lessons for non-verbal kids and moves all the way up to conversational speech. Gemiini is an online platform that gives Neuroplan the power to make and store highly individualized video modeling sessions for […]

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Improving Auditory Processing in Autism

Auditory Processing in Autism

Anna Krueger talks about Autism TreatmentClick on the image below to start the video. Lisa Fraser, the host, conducted a series of interviews as a way to give parents access to useful information about autism. You can see the whole series of interviews at insidethespectrum.org. During the interview, Lisa asks Anna about her work as an online speech language […]

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Autism Treatment Improves Reading Comprehension

Autism Treatment

Does your child or student have autism? If you want help with the signs of autism, use our diagnostic checklist first. Then come back to this page. Discrete trial training (DTT) is particularly effective for teaching skills to children with autism. DTT was one of the very first interventions developed for autism and has extensive research […]

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Why do some students get stuck on the Fast ForWord Sky Gym game?

Sky Gym

A lot of students get stuck on the Foundations I Sky Gym game. To learn more about Fast ForWord intervention, visit our Frequently Asked Questions page. Sky Gym is one of the hardest games to beat. Nevertheless, it is crucial to beat Sky Gym. Why is it so important? Why is it so hard? There are […]

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Cognitive Skills: Fast ForWord® Foundations I

Fast Forword Foundations I

Fast ForWord Foundations I software helps children pay attention. If they can’t listen quickly and accurately, it is difficult for them to learn to read and write. Some children who are poor listeners are able to rely on their visual memory at first. Unfortunately, by the time they are in grade 3 or 4, the memory […]

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Adam’s Case Study: Literacy in Autism

autism case study auditory word recognition

Literacy in autism is not well understood. When we meet a preshooler with autism, most of us have no idea how to help that child learn to read and comprehend. Adam is currently in grade three in a public school. If you were to meet him in the hallway, you would recognize that he has autism. […]

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