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Reading Assistant Plus™ for Comprehension and Oral Fluency

Success Reading Assistant Plus

Reading Assistant Plus improves comprehension and oral fluency. Students use a headset to record their own reading. The software provides immediate 1:1 coaching. Who is it for? The stories in Reading Assistant Plus range from the grade 1 to the grade 12 level. Readers of diverse ages and ability levels can use this software. Learners who are […]

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Can my struggling child do Fast ForWord at school to improve academics?

Struggling students online solutions

A: Yes, Anna Krueger from Neuroplan can help your child do Fast ForWord at school. She knows all the potential pitfalls that kids and school staff can fall into. She can help you avoid problems and get the best outcomes. In addition, the Scientific Learning Company has created an exceptional program for oral language and reading […]

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Improve Literacy with Fast ForWord® READING

Girl Dyslexia Treatment

The four programs in the Fast ForWord READING series improve literacy in learners of all ages. They are ideal for people learning to read and write. Fast ForWord Reading Readiness Program Fast ForWord Reading Level 1 Program Fast ForWord Reading Level 2 Program Fast ForWord Reading Level 3 Program These programs are adaptive. This means they are customized for one student. Each person works at their own level and gets […]

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Does brain training help struggling readers?

End frustration and stress with Fast ForWord treatment for LD and dyslexia

A: Yes, brain training games change the brain so that struggling readers can learn without frustration and stress. Neuroplan Treatment Services has online brain training software for students in the elementary and secondary grades. The software we use is based on research in brain plasticity. Fast ForWord software has been scientifically proven to improve skills by up to […]

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