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Reading Assistant Plus™ for Comprehension and Oral Fluency

Success Reading Assistant Plus

Reading Assistant Plus improves comprehension and oral fluency. Students use a headset to record their own reading. The software provides immediate 1:1 coaching. Who is it for? The stories in Reading Assistant Plus range from the grade 1 to the grade 12 level. Readers of diverse ages and ability levels can use this software. Learners who are […]

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Fast ForWord® Reading Level 2

reading level 2

Fast ForWord Reading Level 2 software consolidates early childhood reading skills, with a focus on applying phonics and decoding strategies, improving word recognition, and understanding the rules for reading comprehension. Accelerate Progress in Reading and Writing Fast ForWord Reading Level 2 exercises critical brain processing efficiency in four key areas: Builds memory by having students hold […]

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Fast ForWord Online Treatment for Dyslexia

Girl Dyslexia Treatment

What type of problems are you noticing?If you are wondering about the signs of dyslexia, use our diagnostic checklist first. Then come back to this page. Is it Dyslexia? Dyslexia can be difficult to define and diagnose because the learning problems can be subtle. There is usually a family history, indicating an inherited component. It is […]

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Why do struggling readers get so frustrated?

online programs to improve reading

A: Struggling readers get frustrated because most reading interventions lack an emphasis on underlying cognitive skills. Inferior programs don’t provide the right help. Prerequisite brain skills are missing in some children because of genetic or environmental influences. What do struggling readers need? Underlying Cognitive Skills Neuroscience research has shown us that reading proficiency requires a […]

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