Why does Fast ForWord sound so strange?

Add TreatmentA: The sounds in Fast ForWord are slowed down far below our normal speaking rate. This unique intervention improves speech perception and auditory processing.

If you don’t understand how Fast ForWord works, your first impression might be negative. Because the speech signal is altered using computer technology, it sounds very distorted.

The Fast ForWord Program uses Altered Speech

The speech signal has been altered using computer technology. The speech sounds are slowed down. The differences between sounds are artificially exaggerated. There is no other software that uses this powerful intervention. The process has been patented by the Scientific Learning Company, the creators of Fast ForWord.

The Paradox of a Speech Signal that is Just Right

If you try our demo of Fast ForWord you may find it difficult to hear the differences between the distorted speech sounds. In contrast, students with learning difficulties find it easy.

The opposite is also true. Children with learning difficulties struggle to detect differences between speech sounds at normal speech rate. Parents and teachers with normal auditory processing can detect differences between speech sounds at the stunning speed of about 25 msec per sound.

This is a paradox that makes it difficult for parents and teachers to be enthusiastic about Fast ForWord when they first hear it. It is like putting on a pair of glasses that were not prescribed for you. The images are fuzzy. It is very common for parents and teachers to question the value of Fast ForWord because it sounds so strange to them.

Fast ForWord Videos

Brain Scientists Made Fast ForWord for Children and Teens


Fast ForWord is available on the iPad


Please contact Anna Krueger at Neuroplan if you are interested in using Fast ForWord on an iPad or computer. You will need a contract with us in order to activate the app. There are actually several different apps, not just one. We will work with you to determine the correct starting point and get you set up properly.

Frequently Asked Questions about Fast ForWord

There is a lot of information about Fast ForWord on this site! Keep reading…


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