Why our clients love Neuroplan Treatment Services

Neuroplan Treatment Services works with people across Canada. We help people improve their brain skills, overcome difficulties and pursue their dreams! Our clinical director is a certified speech language pathologist. We like using software and apps to increase the intensity of therapy without driving up the cost.


Why Choose Neuroplan's Online Telehealth Services?

  • You get access to a speech language pathologist no matter where you live. We provide telehealth services across Canada.
  • Webcam sessions can take place at home, at work or at school. Actually, all you need is a laptop or tablet, a quiet location and a high speed connection.
  • Clients improve quickly because of our intensive programs. We give our clients unlimited access to a protocol of practice materials. Practice takes place outside of webcam sessions.
  • You get exclusive access to neuroscience software. In many cases, we use clinical software that is not available in stores.
  • You don't pay a cent for software! We pay for the software licenses that are part of our monthly service.
  • Learners enjoy playing the online games and parents don't have to deal with tears and frustration. Our clients happily complete 3 to 10 hours of therapy a week!
  • You can avoid programs that are ineffective. We only recommend software and apps that we LOVE.
  • We provide professional, unbiased guidance and advice.  We don't make any commissions and we don't sell advertising space on our website. So many other "educational" sites are just sales sites that exist to make money. In contrast, our clinical director, Anna Krueger, is a certified speech language pathologist. She is a member of the BC College of Speech and Hearing Health Professionals, which exists to protect consumers.
  • Our approach saves you time. Doing 3 to 10 hours of intervention in a clinic would be very time consuming, plus you would have to drive there and back. We make it possible for children, teens and adults to get intensive help without the hassle.
  • You don't pay anything if you have an extended health insurance plan or other funding source.
  • Everyone can save money by using our receipts as a medical tax deduction.
  • Our approach changes lives. Unlike tutoring, which can go on for years, we provide treatment that helps people overcome the underlying problems. The improvements are permanent and lifelong.
Online Programs To Improve Speaking

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Online speech language therapy and literacy apps. We offer treatment programs for people who struggle with Dyslexia, Learning Disabilities, ADD/ADHD, Autism, Auditory Processing, Acquired Brain Injury, Stuttering and English Literacy.

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