ZOOM Cloud Meetings App for Telehealth Sessions

Here at Neuroplan, we love the ZOOM Cloud Meetings app. All you need is a computer with a webcam and a high speed internet connection. ZOOM meets telehealth requirements for confidentiality. The online sessions are password protected and the transmission is encrypted.

Join a Test Meeting in ZOOM Now

Give it a try now. Click on the image to join a test meeting in ZOOM.

Zoom App

How to use the ZOOM Cloud Meetings App

Using ZOOM on a Computer

Instructions for PC and MAC Computers: Click on the link for Neuroplan’s waiting room a a few minutes before your appointment. This link will be in the email that is sent with your appointment reminder.

Allow ZOOM to install on your computer. The software will try to use your camera and microphone. You may have to ALLOW this.

A few seconds later you will see this message: Please enter the meeting password. It will look like this:

Zoom Password

The password will be in your appointment reminder. It will be the password that you created when you booked the appointment.

Using ZOOM on a Tablet or Smartphone

Instructions for an iPad: Download the Zoom Cloud Meetings app from iTunes.

Instructions for Android devices: Download the Zoom Cloud Meetings app from Google Play.

After you have installed the free app, go ahead and launch it. There is no need to create a ZOOM Cloud Meetings account. You will be joining the meeting, not hosting it.

Select Join Session

Meeting ID: 805-333-5039

Password: [Enter the meeting password that you created when you booked the appointment.]

Advice for Online Sessions with the Zoom Cloud Meetings App

1. Any laptop or tablet: This is the easiest option because laptops and tablets have built in cameras and microphones. Everyone in the room will be able to see and hear Anna automatically in ZOOM. Make sure that the client is sitting on a solid chair, not a rolling one.

Zoom Cloud Meetings2. A desktop computer without a webcam: This won’t work. You need a webcam and a microphone. If you have a mobile phone or tablet, you could use the Zoom app on your portable device PLUS your desktop computer. There would be three participants in the session rather than just two. This works!

3. Desktop computer with a webcam and external speakers: Unfortunately there might be too much echo for Anna to hear the client’s speech accurately. To solve this, switch to a laptop computer or tablet if possible. If you do not have access to a laptop or tablet, you will need to get a USB headset and plug that into the computer.

4. Problems with Using a Headset with Children: Headsets are excellent for sessions with adults, but not great for sessions with children.

  • Only the child wearing the headset will be able to hear Anna
  • Adult helpers won’t be able to hear and participate
  • Most headsets are too large for a child’s head
  • Children tend to touch the microphone, creating static

5. Bandwidth: ZOOM Cloud Meetings needs lots of bandwidth. Your session will freeze or crash if you don’t have enough bandwidth. To solve this, CLOSE ALL THE OTHER PROGRAMS that are open on your computer. It also helps to TURN OFF WIRELESS DEVICES that you don’t need during the session. Keep your phone on so Anna can reach you, but turn off extra computers, televisions and extra phones.

6. Lighting: Webcams don’t work properly if there is a window behind the person. The camera tries to reduce the light coming in and the person turns into a dark shape. Make sure there is a wall behind the person, not a window. If you will be working on speech, please have a flashlight available for your session.


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